Phaeton Facelift

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That’s right, VW hasn’t given up on the Phaeton, at least in Europe.
This running contradiction has been canceled in the US a while ago.

The $90 000 VW was one of the biggest mistake anyone could have done.
Maybe it is a good deal as a used car.

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  1. I know it doesn’t make the most sense, but I really wish this car didn’t get the bad review it does-for whatever reason, I’ve always liked it-styling, comfort, I dunno…

  2. I think the problem with the American market is that those wanting to purchase such a plush vehicle want people to pay attention to them and know that they dropped a lot on money on their car.

  3. Well, they missed something in that Phaeton face lift: they should have dumped that ridiculous VW logo in the grille.

    Sure, the Phaeton is a good vehicle, but creating such costly luxury in a “People’s Car?” Think about that–a $90,000 People’s Car!
    For what damn people?

    The car should have been branded a senior Audi, not a VW. But I wouldn’t buy any of their troublesome crap anyway.

  4. The Phaeton is better looking than 99% of cars on the road. However the problem is that the Audi A8 is even better looking, has a light aluminum body, is just as luxurious, has better showrooms, costs around the same and comes with a luxury logo attached. I feel bad for the Phaeton because it’s a stunning car that’s been overshadowed by its overachieving big brother.

  5. Why didn’t VW just make Phaeton a brand on it’s own like Mercedes did with Maybach, and sold the car though Audi and select VW dealers.

  6. “Why didn’t VW just make Phaeton a brand on it’s own like Mercedes did with Maybach, and sold the car though Audi and select VW dealers.”

    Because, in order to do something like that, you have to charge way over $300k for the car to support that extensive infrastructure. Besides model-specific marketing, individual Audi/VW models benefit from brand marketing and support. It would be impossible to build a compelling case to budget marketing resources necessary for a new brand that consists of one sub-$100k low-volume car. Heck, evidently it isn’t even feasible for the floundering $350k-plus Maybach.

  7. the touareg did what phaeton couldnt…

    the touareg is a high priced SUV with the VW badge. when you think about it , thats strange. the touareg experiment seemed like a failure at the beginning!

  8. Sometimes generalistic car makers make these mistakes: try to claim territory on luxury lands. FIAT did it with the 130 almost 40 years ago. Sold less than 20000 units…
    Now VW does the same mistake. For some reason I just saw few Phaetons on the road.
    Someone who have enough money to by a Phaeton surely will prefer a noble blooded car and not a people’s car. Buying a luxury car is also buying status. VW should know that.

  9. VW goofed on marketing the phaeton in north america where prestige (or maybe more of a snob-appeal) means everything. Would anyone buy a $70k Toyota Celsior. NO! but a Lexus LS460. Yes!

    Toyota was smart enough to introduce their Celsior as a luxury LS400 back in the 90s for less than 35-40k where luxury marques’ prices were north of $60k.

    VW already has Audi and the A8 is substantially the Phaeton. Why would Americans want to buy a $90k Phaeton?

  10. what the hell is vw thinking?? i know lots of folks were shock at a $40k passat 4motion.

    vw and toyota are for us plebians. while audi and lexus are for the aristocrats (roman-speak). vw should have known better !!

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