Revised Optima for next year.

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Seems like the rear will be all new (On this picture at least, the lights look like the new Mondeo)
No pics of the front or interior yet…

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  1. Hmmmmm. Well, Vince, ya gotta recall that the 2006.5 came out over 1 year ago. It was a mid-year replacement for the 06.
    So, it appears as if Kia is just saying that was “year 1″(out of their usual 5 year run for a model of vehicle).
    2007 is year two. Just like Hyundai, Kia refreshens their models for years 3-5.
    Here’s hoping they decide to not be so jerky. Why? They dumped the base model( they had 3, base, ex, lx) and 06.5 model, you could get it cheaper than the 07, and you could also order the sunroof, which now, if ya want one, ya gotta go to the EX(or it is LX? Sorry…get these 2 mixed up at times)…the top model.
    I could have got a mid-range model, with sunroof, on sale, for under 18K. Now ya gotta go top model.
    Not Cool.
    Maybe they should do a Spectra Redo, instead? How long has thing thing been around, since 2003?
    Maybe bring us a slightly larger version of those “C’eed” models from Europe?
    Make ’em the Spectra replacments!
    Now… carry on normal conversations that apply to the Optima.

  2. Maybe they should put in a mild hybrid , like GM did for the Aura? Aurta went form 29 hwy to 35 hwy , so this is 34 hwy, go up what, to 41 hwy? I’d pay 20K for an I-4 then of Optima.

  3. Well I guess someone ought to use the Mondeo’s styling in this country, so if not Ford then why not the Koreans…

  4. Poster “Cheap Car”? You know how to read? I suggest you read MotorWeek or Edmunds test drives of Optima before spouting off, and, look up Car and Driver,(OR ANY TEST DRIVE) feb, 6 sedan tests… Optima was 3rd, AHEAD of Aura(“car of the year”) Camry, and the least loved sedan in the world otday, the Sebring.
    Right behind Accord and Altima.
    Not too far behind, either!

    And I do agree with “5:56am”
    If Ford ain’t gonna use the Mondeo styling in USA, Kia may as well!

    Hey, why not?

    I’m all for it!

  5. The typical car buyer, in America, if they see a “Mondeo-Optima” say for 2008, then in 09 or 2010, Ford brings a similar style(Mondeo-Fusion) here, the Non-car fans will say” Look, Ford’s copying Kia!” bet this makes Ford “happy” already! lol

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