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For those of you who don’t think the Smart car is safe.
(That means most people…)

This is a video of a Smart (the previous generation, not the one we’ll get) crashing head on into a concrete wall at 70 mph.
Most crashes don’t even happen at that speed. Most people have the time or reflexes to slow down before the hit.

The video isn’t new, but it is still amazing to watch.
And even if the car seems OK, I bet people inside would be pretty shaken up after this….

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  1. I’d believe it if they had put crash test dummies inside and got all the measurement readings from the crash sensors.

    extreme g-force will do more than just shake things up.
    for one, it could bump the brain to the skull and cause brain injury

    What the point of surviving if the end result is being paralyzed or suffering from brain damage

  2. Vince–do you think they would let this little car on Catalina Island? Excellent video. I’m sure the newer generation is even better. I’m convinced the Smart is a great car–just not a great car for the US.

  3. Dead actually. If you watch the full version of that video, they clearly say that even though the car body structure survived, the people inside would have died on impact. There is ZERO chance of survival in that car car at that speed.

  4. Sure you can survive if the 1500 pound smart runs into a concrete barricade, but what happens when a 4500 pound suv hits the smart at 70? All I can say is that I do not want to be the one in the smart.

  5. You Know it’s one thing to hate on a SMART because it’s not your cup of tea, But some of you here have some kind of preverse obsession with this cars safety. Since this vehicle has been on the market in Europe for years, I have yet to hear of some horrific accidents that would warrenty most of the crazy concern some of you have exhibited. I’m sure this vehicle will do as well on our shores, as it has in Europe.

    But maybe I can put it into two simple words for most of you SMART haters “Mercedes SUCK!”

  6. I’d like to see some so-called “safer” trucks and suv’s hit the same barricade at 70. I wonder how safe you’d feel in one if you saw what it looked like after that same crash.

  7. This video proves that the smart car is safe. I’d like to see a different car hit that wall and see what happens. Smart car is amazing! check out more info
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