Subaru Impreza

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I guess more pictures won’t make it look much better.
Seems like Fuji Industries doesn’t really care about market share….

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  1. The back is aggressive. I’ve seen a profile shot which is also identifiably Subaru. The grill is the only weak part. I wonder if it was a substitution for a grill more alike to the current propellor style? Something similar to the last concept?

    Now, where’s the Tribeca?

  2. It is just the front grill that looks really unusual….
    Maybe the base model looks more simple…

  3. This is the first time since its 1993 debut that the Impreza looks any different.

    The tail lights are trendy, the grill is rotten, and the round fog lights peaked in popularity two years ago. Plus there’s nothing interesting happening on its flanks.

  4. The grille looks like someone out of Chrysler parts bin. It’s such a shame the Subie just can’t get styling done right. The Imprezza has been such a great car with not so great styling. It’s as if they are afraid to challenge themselves for fear they might not keep the Vermonters who still drive the boxy Subies from the 1980’s

  5. It looks OK to me. The current one looks like it was penned by a freakin juville. The new Imprezza is 2″ wider too.

  6. It looks really Kia’ish or Toyota’ish. I guess I’m gonna stick with previous generation or move on to the next Evo…

  7. Why do we have to suffer here in North America with these ugly Asian ‘Disney’ Smiling cartoon cars??? Enough already with this ludicrous notion! Hey Japan, wake up,vehicles are not living beings!

  8. yeah the front looks like it came from last generation camry minus the hood scoop. terrible. what ever happen to the aviation-inspired ‘nose’?

  9. You know, I saw a mazda at first but it will probably look a lot better with more rubber and a wing.

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