Toyota Blade for the US???

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There is a rumor out there about the Blade replacing the Matrix in Toyota’s US lineup.
Or at least, a version of it.

The Blade is already out in Japan and is an upscale version of the Auris, sold in Japan and Europe.
The Blade would compete with the Mazda3 in the US.
The engine is the same 2.4 Liter as in the Camry and Scion tC.

In Japan, at least, it is offered in 2 or 4 wd. And a sport version with the 3.5 Liter V6 will be offered soon over there.

We’ll see what we’ll get here….

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  1. I want one, a good looking car, with good ”mpg”. And if the want to give us the v6 in that. I pay for that. Let’s go Toyota.

  2. Vince,
    Nissan Rogue or Toyota Blade?
    Considering the blade has the 2.4 awd….
    The Blade looks totally JDM, and cool

  3. Come on, they can do better than that. It’s just a hatchback version of the new corolla with a HUGE C pillar. They Matrix should have a third window like the current one does. It should be bigger than the Mazda3 not competing with it.

  4. good looking car, would be perfect to replace matrix – especially if it comes with the same price

  5. Looks great, and that interior is way above its class. This is a guaranteed seller, because it will appeal to an older market than the Matrix, as this looks more upscale and less tuner.

  6. That looks like it could be a great “Baby Prius”. The clear, LED tail lamps, and the big Nav screen in the console seem similar to the setup of the tailights (clear, with LED) and monitor system in the Prius.

    The upgraded and luxed-out interior and the price that comes with it could be justified if it were to be made into a hybrid.

    A cheaper, smaller, and (likely) even more fuel efficient Prius……sounds like a fine idea, and then the prius could become a bigger, and more capable family hauler (a sort of camry wagon-hatchback thing if you will) that can still give one that green-earth street cred the camry hybrid just can’t.

  7. This makes sense seeing we have been seeing spy shots of the Vibe and not the matrix/blade, they really dont need to test this cause its only needs badging attached to it ! sooo that leads me to think where the vibe will be produced and on what platform, no one has mentioned this yet, i kinda think the HHR/cobalt platform but who knows ? and that would leave NUMNI with no GM products being built there, or is this gonna be built off the old vibe/matrix platform ????

  8. that is not a bad idea to be a hybrid, but a lot of JDM spec vehicles are a lot more high tech than the ones that are shipped here. I am not sure if the US version will have LED or Xeons, but I hope it does.
    As well as AWD.

  9. 2009 Toyota Blade – Car News
    The Matrix replacement should get more power and a sharper name.
    BY DAVE VANDERWERP, February 2007
    Rumor has it that when Toyota replaces the aging five-door Matrix hatchback in the spring of 2008, the Corolla-based vehicle will take on its Japanese-market name, the Blade.

    The Blade currently sold in Japan is powered by a 158-hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder, the same power source as in numerous Toyota products, including the Camry. That would be a useful improvement over the Matrix’s current 126-hp, 1.8-liter four. All-wheel drive is optional, as it was on the Matrix until 2007, when it was dropped along with the more-powerful, high-revving 164-hp, 1.8-liter engine choice.

    However, the Blade will get unique sheetmetal for the U.S. that will be substantially different from the Japanese-market Blade shown here. The Matrix never sold all that well in the U.S., and insiders say Toyota will be targeting the popular Mazda 3 with th

  10. maybe they will change the nose of the car, particularly the grill and head lights is my guess.
    I don’t think we will get Xeon since the RAV4 and high lander don’t, but who knows.

  11. Douche – the Focus is actually a European car. American patriotism is good, but not to the point of ignorance of the outside world.

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