Toyota Auris 3 door

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We might still get it here alongside the 2008 Corolla. (I’ve seen a couple testing in Hollywood a few months ago)

Or we’ll get the “Blade” version of the 5 door to replace the Matrix.
Either way, it seems pretty nice, even if the design is quite uninspired…

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  1. If Toyota brought over the 5 door, wouldn’t it compete with the Scion xA/xD – or are they different enough in “image” that they wouldn’t be going for the same market?

    Personally, I think the Auris looks a lot cooler than the xD.

  2. The outside is great, and the interior is just perfect. If they bring it here, it will sell much better than the last Corolla.

  3. Yep it sure is this very car you had here and i love it alot more than the Yaris, i really hope they bring this and the rumored small rear wheel drive car thats been all the chat lately, cause whoever is first with a 15k 4 banger rear wheel drive car is gonna make some mad money and have a instant hit on there hands !

  4. Well, since the tC has been Scion’s biggest seller for 2+ years( last year, sold nearly 80,000 units. Not bad for a 3 door sporty hatch! Sure proved the naysayers wrong about 3 door hatches being “dead”), I could see them trying a 3 door Corolla in USA.
    This is like the Yaris sedan, except the Guages are in the correct place, and not over your stereo, or glovebox, etc..

    I would not mind the rumored 140HP, 40 hwy, 30 city, automatic version(if this internet rumors are correct) Three Doors!

    Please, Toyota, bring us 3 doors!

    Useful, maybe 0-60 around low 9’s,
    15-17K prices…hey, what’s not ot like?

    I just hope they do not jerk us around much longer, and decide When we will see the next generation Corolla( Heard 2 release dates, Around December of 08, or possibly after Chicago autoshow, and call it an 09, next March of 08?).
    Interior looks about perfect!
    Now, Bring It, Toyota!

  5. 2 things:
    1) for the person who said” looks 2 much like a Mazda3″… maybe in the rear/side profile, yes, but as an overall package? Where’s the 3 door hatch mazda3( they don’t make ’em, so how is the 3 door like the Mazda5 sedan or 5 door hatch?).

    2) Interior: why bother with redundant steering wheel controls, when the center console/radio… is thisclose to the driver.
    Maybe in rush hour traffic, the controls on the steering wheel would help, but as close as this person is sitting, once you know where everything’s at, you really wouldn’t need those extra buttons, would you?
    Take Care/Not Offense(at my commentary).

  6. This car has a beautiful interior and a pleasant, non-offensive exterior. I would be very interested in the 5-door, esp. if it had folding mirrors (Toyota has a tendency to install those fixed mirrors that break off during urban driving/parking) and rear seats that fold completely flat, like the Honda Fit.

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