Toyota Hybride Concept

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Is it too much to ask for a concept that actually would preview the next Prius?

This looks OK and very futuristic, but I don’t think we’ll see it in the streets in our lifetime.
It is obviously pretty far from any production model.

Let’s hope Toyota keeps some of it for the Prius….

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  1. If this is, as Toyota says, “a new design language for hybrid models”, it looks like the next Prius will be speaking gibberish.

  2. Vince, Let’s hope they DON’T keep ANY of this for the production model!! The current one is ugly enough!

  3. Where’s the grill? Where’s the sportiness? Classiness? Eh, what is it with Toyota and Mazda making “concepts” that don’t look like they could make it tomorrow? Look at Dodge with the Demon…it could be produced tomorrow if they wanted to.

  4. Toyota would sell 100K of these, no matter what they look like. the xB? 60K sold last year. It’s a box.
    I think the front end is odd, butnot horrible. I do not care for the HUGE C pillar, and odd rear end. The tail lights are ok. Side doors ok. Front end? Not ugly, but different.
    Look, ya don’t like it, but a Cobalt, or something.

  5. Dear Mr Vincent Burlapp:
    Not attacking your opinion, but why would a Design liek this not be “on the streets in our lifetime?”
    If rumors are ture, the hardware is updated for better MPG, already, and all this is , well, it’s a design, not some “nuclear fusion” car, orr something. They could -most likely-desing it as it. Use a platform, drop this body on it, and Viola’! Weird Car from 2050, in 2010!;-)

    I dunno, but, really, is there anything (design wise, for the body) they can’t do with this body, and just drop it on a Prius platform?

  6. I can trace the old Prius from this car from miles away. This concept fits the bill for a redesigned Prius. Look at the correlation between the windshield and the headlights, the shape of the windows and of course the rear deck/hatch. I doubt we will see much difference from this and the new production Prius. (remember when the old Prius came out?)

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