Toyota testing

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That’s weird…
It looks like a mule for something, but what?
The new US Corolla is too far advanced. And so is the Matrix.
What are they testing???

This was next to a bunch of Camrys too. LE models….

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  1. it doesnt look like a new car bc the wheelbase is still very much the same. the wheel wells arent any wider. i might go with a new enginw or transmission. unless it could be some sort of new hybrid configuration. maybe a hybrid corolla for the next gen?

  2. Hey that’s pretty good Vince,

    Toyota is SO good that the Corolla is too advanced for a Corolla. I gotta bottle some of that and sell it!

  3. Maybe its an AWD mule. They did have AWD on the Corolla Matrix. What would be cool is if they kept this Corolla out like VW did with the ‘city golf’ and jetta in Canada, and many companies do with older cars around the world, even once the new one is out.

  4. you sure its not someone using ductape to fix up their beat up corolla?

    i mean,i see ductapes on these beater all the time LOL

  5. they were probably trying to find out if anyone actually notice the cars, or did they go unnotice like an appliance

  6. Comment at 6:32 AM Funny. LOL

    I think it must be some kind of Stability or maybe 4wh drive system with all the tape around wheel area.

  7. It looks like a corolla test car, but probably a new sports model with the blackout wheels and bigger brakes. Also the tape is probably to hide the fenders that were rolled so the wider wheels would fit

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