XC70, now it’s official.

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That was quick…

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  1. I for one do like the placement of the Nav. I recently drove a V70 with the option and felt that it wasn’t a distraction in its location. Thinking long and hard about that location (and reading many bloggers complaining about it) I realized an important point in having it in that location: follow me on this one… Say one wants to keep the car for many, many years (after all, isn’t that what Volvo is all about)? Say 5 years down the road the nav bites the bullet. If you don’t have a maintenance agreement or warranty then I would imagine that it would be way too expensive to repair. Also, given 5 years from now the technology with portable gps will be miles ahead of the current Volvo in dash nav. Here is the dilemma: replace or just live with it not working. The way Volvo integrates the Nav it would be easier to just remove the dead Nav and replace the dash nav grill with a default non Nav dash grill. You can now continue to drive your Volvo and not look at a non working Nav; you just have a normal looking dash grill panel. I will also add that it will fail sometime along the cars life. All the other manufacturers have a huge built in nav/radio/heating combo and if that fails you are forced to replace the head (hopefully under warranty) or just trade the car on something newer.

  2. If i had to guess the XC60 will place the navi somewhere else, and if it works, other volvo’s will follow

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