2008 C Class videos!

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That’s right.
Once again, your best friend Vince Burlapp has gone the extra mile.
The first video was shot in Spain.
The second is just a short commercial for the French market.
I hope it’ll give a better idea of the car for those who are interested in it.

I know I’ll go see it when it comes out here.

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  1. The giant grill looks like some kind of American pickup truck. Why did they make it so big and ugly? It looks even worse on video. I guess its appropriate for a poverty spec German taxi but this is no luxury car.

  2. Not bad…I like the new (old) look. Plus-this segment is not filled with beauty pagent winners either. The 3 series, new Infiniti G, Saab 9-3 etc…all are not that great.

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