2008 Ford Flex

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There you go. The former Fairlane concept turned into production.

And it does look similar, except the proportions.
Which now make it look really long, and almost weird…

The interior seems much better than the cheap Edge. And I actually like the design. It does feel like a true replacement for the old American wagon.

Now they should just canceled the “Taurus X” wagon.
This seems much better and original. And better at just being a wagon…

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  1. Finally a Ford for me! Well maybe not yet, but I like this one.
    I would change the tailgate and get some afermarket grill and may be a little less shrink, but that would require major surgery. So with some good looking wheels and a grill guard it can easily resemble a baby rover.

  2. Wow, who new the Mini had a big brother. I was at the reveal and the Flex, aside from it’s rather upright design, is a really nice vehicle with a ton of cool features. Ford has no reason to continue to sell the Freestyle, I mean Taurus X. Can the Taurus X and call the Flex what it is – the return of the great American station wagon.

  3. I like it much better looking than any minivan, the color isn’t exactly what I would buy. The interior is very nice. Agree taurus X should be put to rest now.

  4. Someone please save Ford from itself. This is like watching an animal die and not being able to help. I feel horrible…and loosing hope. Good thing GM seems to be getting it.

  5. To long. That makes is look even more boxy. If Ford wants to win over new buyers, you still have lost me. As for my daughter, she just purchased a new Focus. Very nice car.

  6. The concept looked so much better. This doesn’t look particularly appealing or ‘Bold’ whatsoever!

  7. What’s up with that white Toyota FJ Cruiser Roof??? The ‘offcentered’ rear third seat makes no sense, and why can’t Ford design a nice looking grille either?

  8. I’s prefer it was a little taller to even out the proportions a little bit, with a slightly smaller front overhang and more fastback tailgate. Other than that it looks like another solid ofering from the house of Ford as of late.

  9. Vince, The rear doors are quite a bit longer than the front doors on this vehicle, which is very odd. The front doors almost look too tight to get into comfortably. Overall the whole design lacks symmetry and balance when viewed from the sides.

  10. i don’t get it. why are people fawning over this car and heralding it as the long awaited segment-buster? that car looks like it was designed with only a ruler! while the interior appears to be of commendable quality, i feel GM has made bigger strides in their recent interiors. look at the acadia and the enclave and then this.

  11. “What’s up with that white Toyota FJ Cruiser Roof???”

    The white roof is optional. One can also get a silver roof, or one that’s body-colored.

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