2008 Jeep Liberty console

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Ugly from the front seats.
Even worse when seen from the back.

Who the hell designed this????

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  1. Vince:
    1) your site is taking 5 minutes to download…

    2) why no coverage of NY or Seoul auto shows?

    3) yeah, this is sad design. That rear seat cup holder looks like a K-Mart special, yoiu buy to hook onto your console, as an after thought.

    I hope that whoever ends up with chrysler, they actually DESIGN cars.
    Look at the Sebring vs the Aura and Fusion!
    (or any other car for that matter, by any maker).

    It is like GM and Ford are trying to use New Designs, vs Chrysler’s “Back in time” design themes… Avenger? looks like a 70’s car, and about as bad, too.
    It is ugly. Pure and Simple.
    I have seen maybe 2 or 3 on the roads in the 6 months it’s been released.

    Maybe design something like the Airflight, but for FWD(for Sebring) if you’re doing retro… not make retro ugly(Retro-Ugly! ).
    That should be chryslers name for th ecomapny!
    R.U… RetroUgly.
    Why do cars need to have Ram front ends( Avneger)?
    Only 2 things they make that look ok are the 300 and PT Cruiser.

  2. It looks like it’s out of a freakin’ K-car. W.T.F.? No wonder Chrysler is up for sale. Heck…at least Ford is trying to some extent.

  3. Sadly, it doesn’t show much effort. Very unfair for a very storied marque. Evidently the designers were taking lack-of-design-effort lessons from Infiniti (G37) and Lexus (LX570).

  4. Not sure why the site takes so long.
    It doesn’t where I am.
    It is either a blogger problem, or your provider.

    I did tons of stuff about cars from the NY auto show for the past 2 weeks.
    And i didn’t see anythink I was really interested in from the Seoul show.
    So I just did only a couple of posts about it.

    I am kind of tired of these Kia and Hyundai concepts that never translate into anything.

  5. Chrysler is a mess and all Mercedes did over a 9 year span was make one decent large sedan (300C) and uninspired iron in every other instance.

    I thought Chrysler would have been a better company with Mercedes parentage, but Mercedes itself has slipped a few notches instead.

    Maybe new owners will improve things; if not, there are plenty of other brands from which to choose these days.

    The only reason to buy any Chrysler car now is if it’s cheap–to buy a deal, not a car.

  6. Thanks, Vince… probably my provider…for the slow download of your site.
    Yeah, Hyundai/Kia show stuff forever, concepts,and hardly ever produce them( with the rare exception , it is the Kia Soul…it will be out next year. The only other one is the HCD-1 and HCD-III concepts from 93 and 95…those turned into the 97 Tiburon, minus the cool rear seat the concept had). I mentoned to another guy that this is(according to Len Hunt’s edmunds chat on dec 9, 2006) a “Scion fighter”(as , he said, many Scion buyers also look @ Kia).
    Problem is, the xB is growing in size by 1 foot, and gaining 50 HP…so when this gets out… it will be competing against what?
    Maybe they will get sael from fans of the current (smaller) xB,who do not care for the larger one coming out in May?

    Anyhow…. Chrysler’s in bad shape.
    Maybe they should just let Chery design their cars?

    Who wants a 29-30 MPG Avenger when gas is around 3 dollars per gallon(more in CA, I heard), and you can get almost any other I-4 mid-sized sedan to beat it by 2-5 MPG,on avg.(exceptmaybe Aura, but is that EPA Large car? 29 MPG for that, and 31 MPG for Fusion..should have stated Optima gets 34MPG, Sonata 33, and think Accord and Camry 34MPG with their I-4’s).

  7. 1 last thing : Vince, not trying to be a jerk..but ya did “miss” the SX4 sedanlaunch last week, and they’re making it out to be a “big deal”, almost on par of the Mitsu Lancer launch.
    Calling it a Larger Swift-like vehicle, etc(unlike the Lancer, it loooks 1990-ish inside…no center console/armrest up front, cup holders 1 mile away, sort of cheap looking interior, etc). I know ya posted SX 4 sedan before, but not the info(around 177 inches total length, FWD, 143HP).

    Hey.. do you know what the future holds for Suzuki products, such as the “Forenza family” of cars?
    On intellichoice.com, futre cars, 6 months ago, they mentioned new forenza and Sporty Reno(added to line-up)…went there yesterday, and No Mention of Forenza/Reno!
    Took it down.
    Odd, seeing as how this “family” of cars sells 5K+ per month(their largest seller, for 2-3 years now).
    Hope they don’t dump them, just fix them up, and Suzuki(only) builds thems.
    Rumors haev it by 2010, new Swift in USA, a truck(frontier rebadged for Suzuki, built by Nissan), and SX4 and new Verona(on intellichoice, still claimiing this, for 08?).

    Any “insider info” Vince?

    BTW: Chrysler is in bad shape…
    Every time I go by the dealerships, same cars rotting on lots, month after month….
    good luck Chrysler….

    Maybe chrysler should steal the kia/Hyundai Seoul designs ?
    make a Neon sized sports car like tht veloster, or whatever…drop the 173HP from Sebring in it(GEMA engine)…get 32-34MPG, add a 5 speed automanual, at least. 17-18K, loaded? Build itin china, under chrysler( make it Hyundai, since they work together onGEMA engines…)supervision, to get an acceptable, cheap, sporty car.

  8. Chrysler interiors have been terrible lately! All straight lines, and they look alike! It dawned on me what car they take after – take a look at a Sundnace or Shadow. I don’t even care for the 300, and actually this new theme started with the 300 and Magnum. Yuck. Chrysler had problems, but Daimler Benz did it no favors. They need to look at VW and Audi, and Lexus/Toyota – there are ways to share technologies, and yet keep the top models exclusive. I wonder what the point was…

  9. Interior designs like this would have been dated in 1990, and made fun of in 1995… In 2007, well, it’s just sad.

    I drive an ’03 Grand Marquis, so I’m not stranger to dated, crappy interiors, but even compared to my car, it’s just… Sad.

    Are you sure these aren’t shots of the inside of a ’88 Hyundai?

  10. What’s wrong with it? Looks like a console to me. Maybe they should’ve added fold out drink holders in the back…my Cirrus has that. As long as it functions it should be okay.

  11. More evidence that Detroit designers have never even sat inside a Honda and made notes about interior design and materials quality, let alone driven one or lived with its long-term reliability.

  12. Who designed the console? Apparently Chrysler let a 5th grader draw a box and put another box on top of it to make a console. There’s your answer.

  13. Another issue with this interior- the picture literally looks like it was taken in black and white/greyscale, yet this is actually a full color photograph. A very poor and monotonous interior. Although the 2008 Ford Escape is pretty much mechanically the same as the previous gen, there is a world of difference in the interior and to details in general. As far as the new generation of domestic SUVs go, Ford Escape all the way.

  14. I know about the SX4 sedan ans I am still not interested.
    I posted pictures of it 2 months ago when it was presented for the Chinese market.
    I try to only talk about things I am into (At least a little bit).
    I don’t try to report every single car news.
    Just the stuff I think is interesting.

  15. It is a sad design, but I’d blame it more on the beancounters than the designers. The would-be car designers I meet at my workplace (I work at an art school) make some pretty revolutionary designs, and I get sad to think of how those big ideas will be beaten to a pulp by cost-cutting mandates at the automakers…

  16. Hey, now I know what happened to all that left over plastic from the Star Wars AT-AT toys that didn’t sell back when Empire Strikes Back came out. Who said that Chrysler was not in to recycling?

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