2008 Jeep Liberty

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My first reaction?
Another ugly Jeep and another ugly Chrysler design…

The Jeep Commander is pretty much a flop and Jeep already announdced they will stop producing it next year.
So making other Jeeps look like the Commander isn’t such a great idea….

To my taste, the new 4 door Wrangler looks great. What a Jeep should be.
But these “box on wheels SUVs” look really bad.
I think the Dodge Nitro (On which this one is based on) is such a superior, and simpler design to this.
I even think the current Liberty looks much better than this. Even the interior.

Who is running the show over there????

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  1. it looks like a refresh of the current model. nothing special. and as you said vince, the interior is cheaper than the outgoing model’s.
    didn’t chrysler say they were going to put more emphasis on interiors? or is that for cars that are a few years down the road when it will probably be too late for some models. I hope chrysler ends its conquest to making the cheapest looking interiors on the market.
    The only thing that’s holding jeep’s image is the wrangler.

  2. I think this is actually very different from the current model.
    The Nitro is based on a “longer Liberty frame”
    and this is pretty much a Jeep Nitro based on that longer frame.
    With a lot of Nitro in it.

    It is now, just a Jeep version of a Dodge…

  3. Ouch, this is not going to go over well for chrysler at this time. Its design is just out of touch with the consumer who are going to buy it. This will be a real big problem for them.

  4. The back door is still way too small for adults and the box on wheels styling still looks like a 1986 Jeep Cherokee! Looks like the stylists that work over at Chrysler never have to break a sweat to earn their BIG BUCKS!!!

  5. When I saw the prototypes of this car, I felt all they
    really did was offer the customer a Jeep grill
    instead of a Dodge one.

  6. how do you like the 4 door wrangler and not this, the wranglers build quality is awful, as its interior, this liberty looks alot like the 4 door wrangler, except the wrangler has an excuse for being so shoddy, if you count its more rugged purpose. otherwise they are both crap, are shaped the same, and both have awful interiors

  7. Jeeps® have always had this squared off shape. It’s part of their design heritage. What should Jeeps® look like – every other soft-looking (oh wait, you said “soft-looking” is also bad), over-designed, old-in-a-month Japanese designs?

  8. I think youre both wrong –

    When I saw these pics, the angels sang, and I said, “finally” theyve done something right”

    True to commandoer doesnt work in any way shape or form – -but thats becuase the dimenbsions are all wrong. THIS new liberty is the true successor to the cherokee legend. They finally gave it the trunk space it needed – the lines are clean, and sharp, and in line with what the cherikee was, the proporions are right, and finally the front end, which jeep has been having a hell of a time with trying to figure out what works, and failing miserably, has created an updated verion of the jeep front end that does work.

    Although I agree that their interiors are the worst and gettinhg worse, this one is, at least, non effensive, as oppsed to the compass, pt cruiser, sebring monstrosities.

    The bottom line, dont throw the baby out with the bathwater for being boxy – this new liberty essentilly takes all of the design issues that went wrong on the commander and fixed them. I think its works and a hellof a lot better than the hip hop, multi level front endede nitro.

  9. i think the new patriot better uses the cherokee design cues – the cherokee was simple and rugged in its styling while this new liberty (and its dodge sibling) are really in-your-face with the boxiness and chunkiness. personally, i think that styling works for the dodge, but doesn’t work for jeep. it just seems too badge-engineered.

  10. I really like this actually. And that’s saying something since I can’t remember the last time I liked anything the Chrysler group did. The new nose keeps the ‘old school’ feel of the Liberty without looking as cartoonish as the last one did. The big question will be if Jeep (or any part of Chrysler) has figured out how to put anything besides hard plastic in the interior, or how to design a decent transmission. But nice job on the styling.

  11. Get your facts straight, neither Jeep nor DCX has said anything about discontinuing the Jeep Commander. That is only speculation from “industry analysts”.

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