2008 Malibu video

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Apparently, the all new Malibu has been delayed.
So I am not sure when it’s actually coming out.
But if you can’t wait, and must see this thing in action, this is it.

A boring video footage of a slow moving car.
Let’s hope the real thing is a bit more exciting.

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  1. Actually Vince, it’s not the ’08 Malibu that is delayed but the next generation on EpsilonII. Jees! this and that comment on the ‘Vette’s new LEATHER interior (yes that’s leather on the dash and doors boys and girls).

  2. What happened to the Malibu Maxx? I thought it was supposed to be innovative or something? Too much innovation for GM? LOL

  3. Just a bunch of raw footage of the malibu driving through a park. Add some music and cut it down to 20 seconds, and it’d be a good video of a sharp looking car.

  4. Vince, it’s the generation after the newly introduced one, also featured on the video. The delayed Malibu is based on the new Epsilon II platform.

  5. I’ve been seeing this post all day about the Malibu being cancelled… check back at The Car Connection they had this to say:

    “UPDATE: GM clarifies that the “negotations being reported on concern the next generation mid-size and compact vehicles. The Malibu that we are introducing this fall is based on the current generation mid-size architecture, so is not as issue.””

  6. This Malibu has NOT been delayed. It’s the EpsilonII Malibu that GM is negotiating over with the Fairfax, KA plant that is in question.

  7. Is that the American’s version of Nürburgring test track? No wonder why their handling and suspensions are so soft.

  8. Can it be possible? This car reminds me of an Acura RL when I see the front of the car come around a corner. It’s actually beautiful… something I have never said about mid-segment GM cars until this past year. With all these new saturns, the solstice, and now this… maybe there is hope. But let’s hope this external beauty will go much deeper than skin and maybe reliability won’t be an issue.

  9. wow… the new malibu entrance is very similar to that of infiniti m45

    started out with the lame ugly overpriced first generations

    and now, 2nd gen is looking a lot better

    the similarities don’t end there, they both have similar hideous butt!

  10. The Malibu in the video is being driven slowly because it’s (very likely) a preproduction model and, like any preproduction model, can’t be pushed all that hard. So unwad your panties. BTW, the black and charcoal interior of the Malibu at the NY Auto Show was gorgeous.

  11. glory!!!!!!
    this think wiilll kil the ugly camry
    americans will wake up and smeel the us coffee!1!!
    this looks great classy and reliable
    just what a chevy is

    i cbcan’t wait till toyota goes back to japan and thatnks to this jewl it will happen sooner than later

  12. Sorry to burst you’re bubble dj, but Toyota isn’t going anywhere. But the new Malibu gives GM a very worthy and highly competitive car to challenge the Camry. Contrary to popular notion, Japan Inc. can’t be watching just Huyndai anymore.

  13. I hope GM has their lawyers ready for the suit against them by the designers of the Acura TL Geez i thought Hyundai was bad

  14. Acura will need their lawyers for the suit against them from Mazda. Ever wonder where Acura got their grill design from?

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