2008 Saturn Astra video

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It’s alive!

And what a good looking compact.
Not much on this video to see actually. But the car does look good…

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  1. maybe if its marketed under Opel brand, people would actually consider it

    saturn reputation can’t be any lower, an investor would say “cut loss”, and scrap the brand/replace it with Opel.

    Bring Opel and Vauxhall here, GM!

  2. Dunno if it will have Lancer, SX4 sedan(fwd or supposedly AWD version next year) or next gen tC”Quaking” in their boots over this 140HP version,but… ya never know. Depends on how it handles, 0-60 times,how well it’s assembled(inside and out), MSRP, etc..
    They do have one-up on all expcet the Lancer(Mitsu), with the 5/100K warranty for tranny, etc.
    Lancer gets 10/100K(I test drove the ES/CVT…. the Cobalt felt sportier! I heard manual or the paddle shifter is the only way to go, and yes, the CVT kills any presumptions of “fun”).

  3. Just wish they would dump those Aura-looking headlights(and maybe the grille?).
    Or blacken the grille, and shrink the headlights(sleeker looking lights, as the Lancer has or the tC, for examples, of sporty, decent front ends). If the frotn end looked “as cool” as the rear end… I would say the Best looking compact/subcompact out there( in Blue, looks better..maybe in person, the front end, in Blue, maybe great!?) Other than this, Well Above Avg!
    Not bad!
    Looks better than many other small cars.
    If it delivers as promised, it will sell well.
    Heard a new version may be out in 2 -3 years?!?! Vince?

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