2008 Subaru Tribeca

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Well… I guess this is more than just a new nose…

The side seem to have been softened too.
And that’s just too bad.
The only complaint people had about the current model was just the front end.
(picture of the “old” one at the bottom)
But Subaru decided to make the whole thing softer. I now looks like if it had melted.
Not sure yet about the interior, but the engine is now a larger 3.6 Liter.

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  1. I don’t think the sides were softened. It may just be the way the light interacts with those specific paint colors.

    It did however get nissan Qashqai tail lights

  2. The new nose and the modified third side window/D-pillar makes the Tribeca so much better looking. The overall look is much more attractive than the Honda Pilot, Nissan Murano and the new Toyota Highlander. In fact, along with GMs Lambda trio, the Subaru Tribeca may be the nicest looking CUV/vehicle of its type on the market. And the extra ponies are the icing on the cake.

  3. I like it. I think that it will get a much warmer welcome than the new Impreza. Anyone else notice that the B9 badge seems to be absent from the picture of the silver car?

  4. You Wish!

    Don’t even put the Pilot in the same category with that uninspired ugly goone.

    You may hate Honda, but give them credit, because the Pilot is one of the best looking SUVs out there.

    There isn’t any comparaison. Soon you will also say that new Impraza is better looking than the Civic.

    Maybe you might want to put it in the same class as the Highlander, because the new one is just plain old ugly Toyota.
    But that Subaru looks like some one wanted to copy the Hyundai SanteFe and got creative at the last minute for the wrong reason. It’s a damn shame, even the Chinese could do a better job than that.

  5. ok, they went from super weird to super duper booooooooring. It does look better, but only because the old one was fug. The new one has the personality of a toaster oven.

    Subaru, there is a third way: distinct personality without freakazoid grilles. This thing is the epitome of forgettable. too bad, it is a good vehicle, but sure to be lost in the crowd of super-CUVs.

  6. It’s a better than the new impreza at least. I guess they just put the minivan element of the previous tribeca to the new impreza hatch.

  7. The front of new Chrysler Town & Country and the back of Nissan Rogue or Qashqai, but better than first desing…

  8. youch… am I the only one who actually liked the old design? Sure it wasn’t for everyone, but I thought it was well-designed. This new one just looks like a Ford.

  9. to me the front looks like the Ford Free whatever or Taurus X or whatever they are going to call it now.

  10. And while we’re at it, the Legacy is better looking than the Accord, the Outback is better looking than the Element, and anything is better looking than the Ridgeline.

    Oooh, but your head must be spinning.

  11. Ummm…ok maybe we can act like grown-ups on here???

    I’ve always liked the Tribeca…it was a little akward but I always thought it was refreshing in a sea of look-a-likes. The new style is so cookie-cutter. Yawn.

  12. look carefully at the grille and headlights, and the rear.

    Subara basically is using the design cues from the “9-6x” clone, that GM was going to make when it still owned that stake in subaru.

    how clever….

  13. Vince, The Rear Quarter Windows are now also Bigger on the revised edition. This is great news since the current model had a blindspot in that area. Let’s hope that this will be an up and coming trend! Perhaps other companies like Honda, Nissan and Toyota will be soon to follow!

  14. It’s too bad Subaru decided that they had to play it safe and make a current, trendy design look outdated. I actually like the front end that everyone hates. The headlights reminded me of those on the Cayenne. Now, the whole front end just looks like a Toyota or a Hyundai Santa Fe but more outdated. And if you look at that grille, Ford Explorer comes to mind. I don’t see sales improving from this “flashback” to the early 2000s.

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