2008 Subaru WRX sedan

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Not really sure how to descibe this one.
You could call it “retro”. In a 80’s sort of way.
If you want to be nice…

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  1. It looks really dated. Aside from some detailing in the lights, it looks like it was released pre-2000.

    I wouldn’t call it ugly, but compare it to the new lancer and this thing is not going to come off very well.

  2. I thought the hatch looked bad, no relief with the sedan looks like. I see Focus in the read 3/4 profile, with the new Sebring front end grafted on a 98 Corolla body.

  3. I understand that Subaru wants to appeal to the mainstream with this car….but making it look conservative and dated isn’t appealing

    the new civic, long the toaster of the automotive world, looks sexier and more aggressive than this…hell, the new Suzukis are more appealing….

  4. Anonymous said……
    … the new Suzukis are more appealing….

    10:07 PM

    You got that right!

  5. Is it me, or is that back in screaming Kia? What a disappointing move from Subaru. They has some great, original concepts for awhile- maybe if they had released one of this bland-mobile they would have realized the styling is pathetic.

  6. Vince, you said it perfectly. That plastic 80s eggcrate grill is cheapo and ugly. I didn’t have much of a problem with the italian designed center nose that they used to have.

  7. Ok yes this is quite a conservative design.. Here is where Subaru I believe got their ” inspiration ” ….
    Rear Lights = ( Kia Rio )
    Side Doors and Handles ( excluding the actually glass house shape ) = ( BMW 3 Series )
    Glass House Shape = ( Suzuki SX4 ish sedan )
    Front Lights = ( Almost Saab like.. all they need is the Saab grille and its a perfect fit )

    In the end Subaru has tried but like all past efforts this is a small car company who do concentrate their sales to the niche market of AWD, therefore they dont spend alot on design but more on engineering.. I believe people will still buy it and get past the looks once they are inside the car, and they experience it.. but like everyone on this blog, it is disappointing that design wasnt part of their agenda too.. Cheers Les : )

  8. I really liked the bug eyed subarus, they looked agressive, powerful and distinctive. I have to say that old triple port nose looked alot better than this, and that’s not good. The rear end screams corolla, the front end is a camry, the interior looks like it came out one of those little 2 cylinder micro cars that teens can drive in europe. Now mitsubishi has an ever better chance of recovery!

  9. yup corollaization…its just a copy of the japanese corolla with cosmetic changes….even the tail lights look similar

  10. Sometimes you wonder what goes through the mind of some carmakers. They have released a totally unattractive vehicle. It almost looks weird. Typical design of japanese vehicles, which means one design team for the front and one for the rear….and not talking to each other….

  11. I told you guys already, the only reason Subaru is selling some cars is because of their all wheel drive. Nothing else, they are freaking slow unless you pay extra for them to hook it up or get a WRX. They are noisy inside. Fit and finish is just about average, so can any tell me why would you get this instead of a new Kia, Hyundai, or even a Chinese copycat?

  12. I concur with the above post, its as if they perfectly mated a Corolla with the last model Impreza. Luckily it doesn’t seem as minivan-like ungainly in profile as all of Toyotas smaller models.

  13. If a random generic Ford car from a third world country had a baby with a new Corolla, it would look like this.

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