2008 Toyota Corolla?

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Sure looks like it, doesn’t it?

I guess our final version should be pretty close to this. Or exactly the same…

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  1. I was hoping for this. A fuc$#%g ugly small Camry/Yaris combo platter. Now I will happily/easily sell against it!

  2. Tolerable.
    The probiscus on this thing, though, is aannoying, slightly(Toyota emblem/”nose”).
    This looks close to what we saw last year(well, last year, it looked more closely related to the Yaris sedan, but larger. I may prefer that. At least it would have stood out more, in a manner of speaking. Good or bad)/
    This just looks like a toned down version of last year’s concept we saw.

    I hope this is NOT 100% complete.
    I would rather have “weird” looking that “zzzzzzzzzz” looking.

    It’s not a complete waste, but it sure ain’t something that people, crave(except for MPG, price, reliability). With 3+ per gallon, I guess that’s all Toyota needs.
    And, news today suggests Toyota is #1 worldwide in sales for 1st qtr of 07, over GM!
    They could put the Toyota emblem back in the center(or on bottom) of the grille. That think looks odd “hanging” out there,lol.
    Like a nose, or whatever!
    After 5 minutes of staring at thsi thing, it si nto atotla bore, or a thrill ride like the new Lancer or even the Scion tC(in looks, even).
    Here’s hoping rumors of a 3 door are not false.
    That woul dmake it an even better(and more useful) buy!


  4. Scion tC, tweaked to look somewhat boring!
    Looks like our tC at the sides and headlights. Different grille/slightly different hood(due to the Toyota emblem).

    I might check it out, if it gets 40 MPG, at least.

  5. We should officially know by Sept, if what I heard is true!
    Should see the USA version at the auto show in Sept(yes, sounds weird, but that’s the deal, according to our salesman).
    Anyhow, the difference between a Civic and Corolla? Well, if ya want a cruise/automatic/sunroof , you have NO CHOICE but to buy the top model for 19,000+ MSRP!

    YOU HAVE OPTIONS on differing models.
    I could get a Corolla loaded like a Civic, but for 1K+(or more) less.I could buy a Scion tC, loaded like the 19K Plus, but 17,299, 2K less.

  6. This new Corolla was previewed at the Melbourne Motor Show in March in Australia. This will also be the version the Australians will be getting.

  7. My wife was a salewoman for one of the biggest Toyota dealer in Canada. And the co-director of Toyota Canada, said the car comming on sale in march 2008 like a 2009 model. It’s the same thing they made with the Camry. Oh and by the way, same for the new Matrix, and I will be one of the first to have one in my city!

  8. to the last poster form Canada. Sounds about right. I heard rumors of dec 07 , but then another sales person said after the Detroit autoshow, they’d be out. Guess we are stuck with an “08” Corolla-current model, still, for what, 7-8 months, then the new one comes out?.

    That’s cool, though, as by Summer of 2009 , the 2010 model(2nd year) should be out, and I will only owe maybe 6-7 payments on my(very low, too low resale/trade-in valued 04) Sonata.
    OK car, but 25MPG avg?
    With gas being 3 per gallon last year, and in 05(or close enough, for me), yeah, if the next generation gets 40hwy, 32 city( gets what, 36-38 hwy, 29-30 city now)… and is 10 seconds , or less, to 60….and acceptable msrp… probably be my next car.
    This is tolerable looking.

    Kind of “uni-sex”looking, ya think?

    Might not get stared at like my 04 sonata(due to it looks up front), but getting 15MPG more per gallon will make up for it.
    And, don’t forget, a hybrid Corolla is rumored by 2009!
    If that thing seriously could get 50-55MPG, 20K msrp, and batteries lasting 200K, at least… very tempting!
    (problem is, like the hybrid Civic, would it take over 12+ seconds to 60? Those are 1987 numbers for small cars, to 60. Of course, the Sprint could get what 40-50 MPG? 3 cylinder? Similar 12-13 seconds to 60,IIRC, and a normal gas engine).

    Yeah, I like the Lancer, wouldnot mind an Azera, or better yet,the Maxima, but the last 2 are above my means of payment, the lancer gets 29 MPG(not much better than the V6 Sonata), sooooo….
    that leaves the High MPG Corolla.

    At least it does not look too much like an office workers car!

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