2008 xB Price

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That is about $1500 more than the outgoing model.
Sure, it is roomier with a larger engine, and still a good price.
Let’s compare : (Because.. Well.. why not?)

-Toyota Matrix: $15,410
-Chevrolet HHR: $16,005
-Chrysler PT Cruiser:$14,765
-Jeep Patriot:$14,985
-Range Rover: $76,535

As you can see, it is pretty much in the middle of the pack. Without a significant advantage .
Only when compared to the Range Rover does the xB becomes a phenomenal deal.

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  1. Vince, do you know if the 2007 xB will be on sale soon?

    I really like the boxy xB and the 2008 model doesn’t really appeal to me that well (less character)

    Also, which engine is it gonna be? 1.8l from Corolla or 2.4l from Camry

  2. Not sure about the date.
    But usually, it is a very short time after they announce pricing.

    Yes, it is the same creamy smooth engine used in the Camry.
    It gets very good mileage in the Camry and will makes the Scion feel even more expensive and refined.

  3. The xB will be fully loaded at that price. My guess is that the others quoted are base models.

    It goes on sale at the beginning of May

  4. Blacklaser Padwin.I think, my hot wheel in my desktop is a phenomenal deal when it is compared to the xB too.

  5. Whats, Toyota thinking???
    The best thing about the Scions is the price, otherwise i would get a regular Toyota!!! I thought Scion was supposed to fight with the Koreans and Chinese in the low end market. Cheap cars are doing great throughout the world, for example the Dacia, Logan from Renault. I believe Toyota is not doing the right thing by increasing the price, for that price the car should be fully loaded with a base price below $10,000, then you may see a top seller.

  6. I predict a major problem with this vehicle. Dealers will not have any in the lot – they will all be pre-sold! On the other hand, Ford will have acres and acres of the Edge on dealers lots.

  7. I would much rather have a new 1991 Camry DX wagon from Japan, the last year you could buy a Camry Wagon that was built in Japan(not that ugly junk they built in Georgetown, Kentucky afterwards!) I read somewhere that this new Scion will be built in Canada to keep costs down, but at this price who are they going to fool?

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