2009 Cadillac CTS Coupe

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Not sure if it will look like this illustration, but it should be pretty close.
Coming a year after the all new sedan. The coupe could also spin off a convertible soon after.

I guess they are going after the 3 series…

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  1. That’ll look great with the padded landau roof option!

    No, seriously, that is a nice, aggressive looking Caddy coupe. Art and Science works great on two doors.

  2. Hope it looks like this! Caddy needs a coupe in their line up. Hopefully there will be a V series version.

  3. I hate that harsh rear window corner…something about it looks odd…perhaps this should also be a b-pillarless coupe?

  4. youch… I certainly hope the coupe design is more creative than this.

    This is more lazy design than the last Eldorado…

  5. I like the look. This new Cadillac is going to give others in this class finally a run for their money. Only thing with this version (if accurate) the front doors look too small for the rest of the car.

    Other than that…I like it!

  6. wow…i didnt even read the comment about the similar look of the older accord, but that is exactly my thoughts!

  7. Probably not a 100% accurate depiction, but still better looking than the soft-looking, rehashed Infiniti G35, I mean G37.

  8. “It looks like the Accord coupe of 2 years ago, married to a Caddy hood.”

    Funny, that’s what Honda’s new Accord coupe concept looks like!

  9. That thing is FUGLY! I can’t believe people complained about the G37! Look at that thing! Nothing is smooth about it! Yes it does look like a caddy and honda child except really ugly!

    Nothing fits! Looks worse than an Eldorado

  10. Gm is falling fast. they get one car that is doing ho hum and they bank on it…desperation…the altima coupe outshines by miles….vince..please…do a side by side shot of this junk and altima

  11. The CTS is hardly doing “ho hum”, and the new one will only add to is success. But I agree, the Altima coupe is nice — for a girl.

  12. Did somebody say “Altima”! Now there’s a car for you, only second in sheer beauty to the delightful Infiniti G37!

  13. It’s Okay. I don’t really like that fake side vents that some car company are using. It’s doesn’t work and doesn’t look right especially for cadillac.

    I agree the Old Skoolers are going to want the Landau top option.

  14. Going after the 3-series? the CTS is a 5-series fighter. Thats like saying a F-250 is going after the Tacoma.

    Cadillac does not have car the size of the 3-Series for the US market.

  15. The CTS is actually exactly a 3 Series, G35, Lexus IS fighter…especially this all-new redesign.

    The STS is ‘supposed’ to be more of a 5 Series fighter.

  16. LOL @ Nissan Spyking! Good job JDM fanboi, you can take your underperforming, wrong-wheel-drive, struggling-for-its-identity Altima coupe anyday. As for the G37, I’m hoping Nissan has figured out how to put the radio and HVAC controls on the driver’s side of the car this time.

  17. If they make this coupe pilarless with the “windows down” technology of the G6 coupe and Mercedes CLS, which makes sense in my opinion, it should look wayyy better than what is depicted here…i.e…it will be off the chain 🙂

  18. i like tha hatchback coupe version from tha car show waaay better.. shaped more like a new Z, has less trunk..

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