Audi Cross Coupe concept

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Don’t ask me why they call this a “coupe”, because I don’t know…

This is what people already call the Q5. And there is just nothing special about it.
Looks like any other Audi.
The problem is that their SUVs look almost exactly like their wagons.

So, I guess, this looks like the next A4 wagon as well.

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  1. Really bad looking. The Infiniti EX35 (the pre-production compact crossover just debuted in NY) will eat this thing’s lunch. Better looking, better chassis. Feh.

  2. AAHHHHH… The future is coming sooner than we know, especially when it comes to a new common trend in crossover platforms that is. Notice the lack of cargo space on this new design. All crossover vehicles will tend to look more and more like hatchbacks as models are redesigned for each manufacturer. The main reason is less materials are needed to build them like this, which keeps costs down and they tend to look sportier this way. The days of practical large cargo volume SUV’s are fading fast!

  3. This is very nice looking, but , it looks like all audi’s. I would take this over an infiniti any day. Although I won’t buy either because they don’t get over 30mpg.

  4. wow.

    nice EVO X headlights for an audi!
    i guess this is what happens if an evo x were to mate with the audi Q suv…

  5. It is very commical how people will still stand up a defend a company like audi. Audi…Very poor long term reliability, low quality ratings, weak powertrains, low sales etc…….. the ex by Infiniti should be a vehicle to make audi fans very nervous. It will increase infinitis following by thousands. The ex will be the vehicle to put Infiniti ahead of Lexus. It has already happened in Canada and will happen here…..soon! Remember you read it here first.

  6. I see the phony Nissan Spyking is back, with his nonsensical pro Nissan/Infiniti babblings. Please Vince, make him go away, he’s making me look bad.

  7. Very poor long term quality? Low quality? Weak powertrains? Low sales? Evidently you know very little — if anything — about what you speak of, though blather is a better word. If you got out more often you’d notice Audis are very good quality, are well built, a blast to drive and doing very well in the marketplace, up 20% over last year (which was a strong sales year as well). In fact, Audi sales for March were up 14.7%, compared to Infiniti, up 12.6%.

  8. Heh, ever read Consumer Reports ratings for Audi? As with VW, Audi’s reliability track record ain’t so hot.

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