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I must say, it looks really nice on these pictures….

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  1. It kind of reminds me of Hyundai’s Tiberon coupe, but with a minor facelift to the headlights and taillights. The original G35 still look better.

  2. Too blobbish. I think edgy is the way to go these days, not jellybean, yet Infiniti seems to be going 90s retro on us. Almost to the point where you can squint your eyes a bit and see a Cavalier or Cobalt. Like others have said, the G35 coupe they have now looks better, and they’ve moved backwards in their styling with this one.

  3. Go to the NY Auto Show and check out the G35 and G37 side-by-side. One can’t help but notice how much better looking the G35 is compared to this poor excuse of a successor.

  4. Hey Austin, You are right about Aston. If this sucker were a $200,000 British Aston Martin Volante coupe, everyone would be GAGA over it. This is a winner, far superior to anything under $100,000

  5. aston martin???? not even remotely close, its not the aston martin name that gets reave reviews its the cars, this infiniti looks down market, it looks like an eclipse competitor, or rx8, better than anything under 100 grand, thats wishful thinking especially since the altima coupe and this downmarket car look so much like

  6. The altima and the G37 don’t look a thing alike, don’t share a single part and that includes the platform. Perhaps you can make the argument that all coupes look alike because they have two doors??? Have you had a good look at an eclipse or rx-8? They look like toys for 16 year olds. This thing looks mature. Perhaps it is not too photogenic and neither was the old coupe but when you saw them in person, you noticed the lining of the car and it is far sexier than many luxury cars out there!

    330 HP
    270 lb torque
    4 wheel active steer
    14 inch brakes that stop on a dime
    tire pressure monitoring system
    projector headlamps
    active front lighting system
    memory leather seats
    touch screen navi
    hard disk inside for music
    intelligent cruise control
    rear view monitor
    auto temp controls
    intelligent key
    just to name a few

    and it’s under $40,000

    Now tell me this isn’t a steal! Looks and technology!

  7. …thank you Carlos Ghosn for the previous stupid comments. Wake up your design team! What happened to the lines of the one we saw at the auto show a few months back. This looks hideous!

  8. I attended the NY Auto Show. I saw the G37, G35 and Altima Coupe. Whereas the G35 is a cleaner, simpler design, the G37 is just gorgeous. I’m not fond of the obligatory chrome spoiler (lip) on the trunk lid, but otherwise it’s beautiful. I wish the car was larger, but at least it’s headed in the right direction. I kept coming back to the G37 and staring at it. The interior is an improvement over the ’07. The Altima is not in the same class and not worthy of comparison.

  9. I saw it at the NYIAS, and pictures simply don’t do it justice. it looks like a supercar in real life…something in the class of ferraris and Aston Martins

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