Brilliance in the US?

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Chinese ca maker Brilliance claims they will be selling cars in the US as soon as late this year or early 2008!

That sounds pretty crazy considering they would need to set up a whole dealer network before selling car number one.
Maybe they’re actually working on it, who knows…

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  1. yes,crazy, sounds it.

    This is wild. Unless they went behind Malcholm Bricklins back, contacted to “visionary vehicle/chery” dealerships he had signed up last year…to sell Brilliance car…(but that would only be 38-48 dealerships, iirc).

    Think they ,may be trash talking right now. maybe by 2009-2010. Who knows?
    Malcholm claimed he was gonna contact other makers to build stuff for him. maybe they made a deal, where he drops the visionary vehicles for brilliance?

    That’s the only scenario I could think of where they would have some access to USA now.

    Never know?

  2. You better bet that they will be here quicker than two shakes of a lambs tail. And they will be called Chrysler or Dodge!

  3. So true, with huge margins. Even cheaper than korean vehicles, but, thats the way honda and toyota started as well.

  4. A nice sized car, but the details are ugly and bizarre. The Chinese try so hard yet fail so miserably in execution. Then they just copy something else.

    China has lessons to be learned from the Korean auto manufacturers.

  5. our presidenat will nevr allow red communist cars to be sold in thsi country
    the us of a needs to make sure china stays in china

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