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For the 1st time, a Buick concept is unveiled in China.
Not the US.

That’s because Buick is very, very popular over there.
They sold a total of 240 000 cars in the US last year.
While they just sold over 291 000 units in the first 3 months of this year in China.
They could be selling well over a million cars a year over there!

I have no idea what this concept is based on. Or if it has any chances to turn into something.
It does look a lot smaller than any of the previous Riviera models, that’s for sure…

I wonder what’s the future for Buick.

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  1. I sent a post in a minute ago. Incase I scared any one, the Camaro and I think the Pontiac G8 are safe, but Camaro derivatives (as worded by GM), the Impala and other potentially awesome vehicles that everyone cries about ( including me) not being in the US, are on the chopping block.

  2. Love the Lexux IS tail lamps.

    Maybe GM can fire more American workers to build this thing.

    That should be in keeping with their current philosophy.

  3. Nothing is on the chopping block.
    Lutz is just being a cry baby about the new regulations, and is trying to rally the public on his side by scaring us. Mentioning that cars would have to cost $3000 more, and threatening to cancel all RWD models.
    That’s all BS.
    They’ve done it before. All the way back to when they were fighting seat belts!

  4. Tell you this, if GM would design some larger compacts( like the Elantra, compact in length, but midsized inside, EPA volume)…. and make something akin to this design, FWD( didn’t Buick sell some FWD small cars 10-15 years ago, like the Skylark, Somerset?), like this design… I’d be there now, trading in my 04 Sonata(as long as it were on par of my Sonata, that is! If it were all style, and no substance… No thanks).
    Who knows with GM. They have shown tons of designs , and like Hyundai and Kia, they never materialize into anything on the lots for sale.

    When I see one on a dealers lot, I’ll believe it.

  5. Don’t the sell the Buick FWD, Compact, Excelle, in China( a GM-DAT car, like the Forenza, but looks way better!).
    Would not mind this as it’s replacement(even with just nornally hinged doors).
    Will we see it in USA? Who knows?
    Tired of seeing concepts, or their general idea, that never get built for sale.

  6. Vince, 6:45 here. It’s GM who should be scared. I knew this new G8 and others would weigh a freakin’ ton. Aussies make their cars beefier for higher crash standards and rough roads. I read somewhere that GM and Holden are working on a lighter version of the Commodore/G8, which would save gas and lead to lower emissions. Too bad they did’nt do that in the first place. In the mean time there’s always the G-35/37 and new Hyundai Genesis which are at the same price point and the IS 250/350 for 5-10k more. If Ford brings the new Aussie Galaxy here in the US, but makes it lighter weight to start off with, it seems to me that would put them in a prime position.

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