Buick Riviera concept

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More pictures about the birth of the first Buick concept for China.
I am not sure what to think.

It’s OK, but it’s not a Riviera.
Maybe it works in China, where they’ve never seen a Riviera before…

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  1. Chinese concepts alwasy have a funky look to them. But this one really does it for me. Real good styling. But from the looks of it though, im guessing this one is far from any production model we’ll ever see.

    This design is remincient of the original buick lacrosse concept which was one of my facorite concept designs ever. I wonder if this was partly styled in the us.

  2. it does not look like a buick at all (excpept for the big oval grill).
    i’d rather think its a mazda model. something that might be marketed as a mercedes CLS fighter.

  3. They might want to lower the chassis, as it seems real high now. And while they’re at it, lets change the front as well.

    Oh – and bring it to Europe.

  4. It’s been difficult, but i’m finally coming to terms with the fact that Buick is changing nationalities, it’s becoming chinese because that’s where it’s being reborn in every way. The concept looks fantasic, hard to believe it’s a Buick. It does have some Riviera cues, particulary the rear end, but the concept is what a 21st Century Buick should be like. In China, Buick actually means something. Buick is regaining what it had lost in America, no thanks to GM where it has no clue what to do with the brand there. Now there’s a new Park Avenue there, based on the Holden WM Caprice / Statesmen. It looks fantasic and speaks Buick the way it should be spoken, Elegance, Luxury and Quality.

  5. Ok that is one hot looking vehicle. That is the kind of car I would love to see here in the States. Buick design has dramatically improved over the last couple of years but this definitely is another step alltogether.

  6. Don’t any one tell me that this thing doesn’t look like the Acura coupe concept, it may have been ugly, but this does look exactly like from the roof to the rear.

  7. Le Québécois

    Forget the name. This car is cool !
    That is what Buick need for their new image in US. …What are they waiting for ?

  8. Love it! American designers have their stupid heads so far up their a*ses that they are only screwing themselves over. While they decide to make corny, cheap and ugly cars, the whole world will steadily creep past them in design and quality. Up next….Korea and China!

  9. The car looks like a fresh interpreation of the Riv. Not retro, fully modern but a personal lux coupe.

    I am curious. What is the funkiness on the left of the grill?

  10. I think it is a fantastic post-modern interpretation of what a Buick Riviera could be. I see the connection to the the ‘double dip’ beltline that defined all Riviera designs, and even a successful invocation of the infamous boat tail versions. I even like the ‘wraparound’ grille and the headlights. It should be built. But it won’t be. Or worse, they’ll build it and only sell it in China.

  11. well….i’m not in charge and i guess they know what they are doing, but if it was me…. I would make sure that the quality was high before I introduced a new car. I would put in a system to make sure they improve quality, but they may not want to spend the money…when I had my own business………………….blah, blah, blah

  12. that thing is way to small to be a rivirear or a true american icon
    too small an d too chinese!!!!!!!

  13. Take this design, put it on the Astra platfrom( maybe make it alittle longer than the 171 inch long Astra, maybe 180 inches long, perhaps), fwd… maybe 173HP( think GM has a I-4 with 172-173HP for the HHR,)…
    and Viola! A new Skylark, for 20K to start.
    Why not? I know one dude had a Skylark, 91 model, and had it 10 years… 132K miles. Only big gripe was brake pads needed changing about every 25-30K.
    He does not care for RWD.
    So, GM lost him( he hates the Cobalt and Pontiac G5).
    He said the Skylark seemed like a slightly better tuned, interior, etc, of a Cavalier could ever have been.

    Hmmm. I’d even check one out.

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