C Class for the US

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Looks pretty much the same than the European one.
Except for the front side marker on side of the bumper.

2 versions available in the US: Sport and Luxury.

-Luxury comes with a 228hp 3.0 Liter V6.
17 inch wheels, sunroof are standard.

-The Sport model comes with the 3.0 Liter standard, or a 3.5 Liter V6 with 268hp as an option.
The 3.5 Liter can get a new 7 speed auto.

These specs are nice but nothing special.
We are now living an a world where all of that stuff is standard issue in the 306hp Infiniti G35.
Even a V6 Camry has more power.
I know, I know, there is nothing like a Benz. They feel like a tank etc…
True. But not most people looking for a small luxury car. Most of them will think the competition is just as good.

I know, hp isn’t everything. But V6s from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and even the latest from Ford and GM can easily be compared to the ones from Mercedes.
The C class looks nice But I think it’ll be a tough fight for Mercedes.

Prices haven’t been announced yet.
But you can bet i won’t be cheaper than the competition.

I smell the return of the $399 (or less) lease very soon…

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  1. everyone needs to watch that video that shows how the navigation screen pops up. talk about easy to break, especially knowing MB reliability!

    the pop-up screen in the new CTS and old G35 make much more sense compared to this contraption.

    it’s nice, but it’ll probably be overpriced!

  2. I read somewhere that M-B was supposed to bring the U.S. a totally different C. I have to agree 100% with you Vince.

  3. This would be great competition for the Toyota Camry, if only Mercedes would fix their electrical issues and mechanical reliability problems, and adjust the price to be more competitive.

  4. Nothing really exciting about this car. I would guess alot of buyers buy the MB label more than anything.

  5. I could buy three reliable cars that get better mileage for what this bucket of bolts costs. Vince is right, Mercs are like tanks and they ride like they’re on rails, but this comes at a very high price and with poor reliability.

    I just don’t get it.

  6. Mercedes cannot build a pretty car if they tried. Only immigrant entrepreneurs who’ve struck it rich here in the states drive these things.

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