Chery A3

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A sedan version of the hatchback presented last year.
About the size of a Focus.

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  1. I pretty much know everything and everyone else knows nothing, that’s how I deal with the fact that my Daddy never told me I was a good boy. Let me tell you, this is a ford Taurus, I mean I like conservative as much as the next guy but, once I had a yellow mustang and my company was in a magazine and my house is big……anyway I had a nervous breakdown once but I think I can ripp off my new partner and take over our company…..blah blah,look at me….blah!

  2. OK, for a Real Comment:
    1) This is nicer than a Focus. See the rear seat head rests, all 3 of them? Go check out the 07 Focus..NONE. That’s just 1 obvious point.

    2)Like the Mondeo-looking(sort of) hatchback better. The tail light son the sedan have nothing in common with the tail lights on the hatchback, etc…for one.

    If this were at least on par of a Kia Spectra, and 12-14K loaded, with 10/100K warranty… I’d check it out( MPG had better be decent, also).

    When is Chery coming out?
    Last year, the rumor was Chrylser’s Chery-built car(s) would be out at the end of 2008(4th quarter), and Chery maybe 2009(about a year later)or early 2010?

    Dodge could sell the Hornet(yes, it will be built) and their subcompact car, both to be built by Chery…who knows, maybe they could partner up with Dodge, and sell this(since Dodge has No Neon, or other car of it’s ilk, in this size catagory)as a Chery(or whatever they wanna call themselves…Cherry is the proper pronuncitation, so why not call ’em this in USA? Chevy, then, would have no legal basis to sue them to change their name as “being too close to Chevy”)?
    Don’t see why not?
    Let Chery sell the hatchback and sedan here, first, maybe on x-amount of Dodge dealerships, about Mid-Late 2009, and build the subcompact(Chery’s)for Dodge, for sale in 08!
    hey, I know 2 dealerships that have Kia and Hyundai on the same lot, and have no qualms with sales.
    One even has Toyota and Chevy, also, on the lot.

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