Chery A6 coupe concept

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I have to say, I don’t care who makes it or where it comes from. This looks great.
They did get some help from designers at the Bertone studio in Italy.

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  1. It is a nice looking car. And what I like about it the most is that it’s mostly an original design from the Chinese, not an insulting copy like a large number of the others we’ve seen.

  2. hey, too bad Bricklin(the insane) screwed up! If he had no been such a pain for Chery to deal with, wwe would be seeing these cars very soon, in USA(and from what I heard, on par of Kia quality, which is nearly avg right now, or thisclose, for their line-up).

    Nooooooo… Bricklin wanted a Maserati for 18K(you get the idea).
    Kept jerking ZChery around with money, arguing over designs, and they went to Chrysler(which may not be a bad thing?).
    Here’s hoping Chery gets in USA by 2009, as the rumors have it.

    This is great. If it was on par of Hyundai/Kia, I’d consider buying this.

  3. This is cool. No doubt about it.
    Why can’t Big 3 build something like this?
    Why can’t others?
    Think maybe Scion builds something like this( forget the Eclipse-too heavy and big, and the Tiburon, which is alittle too slow, and gaining in weight).

  4. is this a 3 door? At first, thought it was, but now, upon closer inspection, I am bummed out, as it is a 2 door/trunk(why bother?).
    I had heard about this”hatchback coupe” design from when Malcholm was running the show last year, now it’s a 2 door?
    IIn 3 door version, it would easily give the tC a run for looks, and versatility!
    2 doors? Maybe against the Focus, or Cobalt…yeah, it looks better.

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