Chery Shooting Sport Concept

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Another Chinese concept.
Pretty nice looking too. Maybe an Italian designer was involved, like it has been the case before.

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  1. Read that Chrysler will have Chery build the (too small for me to consider buying…) Hornet, and “another small car” for Chrysler.

    If Chrysler gets ahold of anything these days, then tend to ugly-fy it, cheapen the interior to 70’s and 80’s standard for small car, and give it horrible MPG.

    I’d rather wish Chery would just bring this out say in 09, in USA, on their own.
    Size of this thing would determine if I got one-as Yaris Sedan is about thesmallest thing I might consider for USA roads these days.

  2. JW said…
    Haha, on my Google homepage, I thought it said Chevy Shooting Sport Concept.

    8:07 PM ———————————————————
    As if Chevy would even try to design a good looking Small car like this( Aveo ain’t it! neither is Cobalt, lol).

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