Chery Shooting Sport Concept

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Besides the crazy colors, this looks production ready.
If I were Hyundai or Kia, I’d be watching out for Chery….

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  1. Perhaps in the future Chery and other Chinese car companies will start to be real players, but for now I’d have to see one in person to be convinced. For now it seems they may have styling sort of figured out, but I have a feeling that quality and reliability don’t even exist in their world. We’ll see.

  2. I soon expect to see rebates offered on Chinese concept cars.
    Doesn’t China produce any interesting cars other than concepts?

    When I visited China not quite 3 years ago, there were plenty of cars there, but most were ordinary–lots of Buick Centuries and Honda Accords used as limos at 5-star hotels.

    There were plenty of ugly VW Santana taxis, and numerous fairly attractive Toyotas and Hondas along with miscellaneous local crap.

    China must now be the Concept Car Capital of the world and it would be nice to see some real cars for a change.

  3. If this were sold today, 15K loaded, 10/100K warranty, you can bet, people would give ’em a try!

  4. Many things would have to happen before Kia/Hyundai would need to fear Chery.
    1) Where is Chery? They won’t be here for a few years, at the earliest. This may become a Chrysler, or Dodge! They siad they were gonna build 2 vehicles, 1..the Hornet, 2) small car… maybe this is it? Chery won’t be here until probably 2009-2010, at the earliest.

    2) when they get here,, they had better have the dealership network of Kia or Hyundai(meaning, a lot of dealerships, not just 1 every 100 mile radius of anywhere).

    3) Warranty: Maybe they should Out-do Hyundai/Kia? Try like Isuzu did awhile back? 10/120K miles.
    Have the bumper to bumper say 5/75K or 5/100K?
    These types of warranties , if honored(and not jerk you around), would really help. Maybe throw in a free loaner if your car dies due to warranty issues?

    This looks good. I would check one out. If it were on par of Hyundai/Kia, and underpriced them 2-3 K, at least… then, and if the cars hold up 3-5 years(first 5 years of sales of Chery in USA, whatever they’ll call themselves), then Kia/Hyundai should watch out.
    By then, we may have Mahindra& Mahindra here, selling cars and suv’s!?
    Then who knows what will happen?

    PS: Mahindra/Mahindra are to sell small suvs and trucks next year in USA, supposedly at 200 dealerships in USA! Undercut everyone on price.
    Hear about this Vince?

  5. Why are there No Center Consoles/Armrests in these cars(cheaper models, like the SX4 “CUV” and upcoming Suzuki SX4 compact sedan,and This Thing)?
    What, 10 dollars worth of plastic to design one cost too much, adds too much to the price of the car?
    I see these cars, and think of my old 1990 Nissan Sentra XE( how decontented they appear,or how little “upscale” appearances they Don’t Have, for interiors).
    Difference is, the 90 was the most solid car we ever owned!
    This? Who knows?

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