Chevrlet Groove concept

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Another tiny Chevy concept for the auto show.

No one knows if this will ever make it into production.
It does look like an HHR youger brother, a bit…

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  1. I know it’s a Chevy, but looks like a JDM Suzuki replacement to me…isn’t Suzuki partially owned by GM?

    Maybe it’s based on an upcoming Suzuki, for Asian and European markets. Too bad, because it looks like a good design.

  2. Very cool! A bit strange, but it looks better than the current Scion xB. If only it would have Toyota/Honda reliability, this could be a huge hit for Chevrolet.

    But the new xB is due soon.

  3. Vince, this vehicle looks fantastic!!! It is just what Chevrolet needs to bring back the youthfulness to their namebrand! It is a no brainer to manufacture this just the way it looks since it looks much better than the new Scion Xb. The Bowtie would steal thousands of sales a month away from Scion with this!

  4. Brought to you by GM Daewoo, the only part of GM that’s making any profits these days. The Korean are hot these days!

  5. Europeans would definitely eat this thing up. Rebadge it as an Opel there…minus that hideous grille, of course.

    And why do I always get the longest word verifications? Geezus. Once I click send, a much shorter one appears that’s like half the size of the one I had to type in.

  6. I like all three of the new GM mini cars… but this one looks the most pratical, and you could see this one (with minimal tweaks) be ready to sell pretty fast.

  7. I think this is a really cool car. I hope they make it, because this looks so much better then the xB. It would make a really good second car for city driving.

  8. This would hit big in urban centres. What GM has to do (and Ford and Chrysler) is produce enough cars with this kind of genuine appeal before the recent accelerated hemorrhaging in market share prevents it from ever happening.

    It’ll be a race down to the wire.

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