Chey A6

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A larger mid sized sedan.
And retty good looking too.

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  1. Not bad. Still prefer the compact hatch of the A3, or maybe even the sedan version.
    Front headlights= Malibu.
    Rear Decklid= Ford car.
    Rear tailllights= Asian make.
    Front Grille=Audi-ish.
    Not bad, in general.
    Too bad Malcholm Bricklin dropped the ball with Chery(getting them here at the end of 07, or early 08, like we were hearing last year, before Chery dropped Bricklin for Chrysler, which, to be honest, I’d rather just buy the cars from the original manufacturer, and not rebadged stuff, like many other automakers do already).

    If quality is tolerable, and these things don’t fall apart by year 3 of ownership….
    as I said, Bring ‘Em Now! I could use a fully loaded. leather lined Midsized sedan, for 15-17K.

  2. well, talk about knock-offs: Fusion.
    We were driving behind a Fusion, and friend asked me”Isn’t that a Honda?”(because of the tail lights) LOL. True Story!
    I am sure I am not the first one to hear of an American company stealing Japanese styling cues!

    The Aveo is S Korean, calling it American, and mocking Japanese, with GM’s “Chevy” Grille up front.
    GROW UP. How old are you, 12?
    This “Impala” is probably 6-10K less than GM’s(probably better built, too,lol).

  3. You do have to wonder how the design meetings go for these companies. Do they sit around and put together what they consider the “must have” designs from other manufacturers with the understanding that they are ripping off someone else’s idea? Or… do they sit through displays of unoriginal work and pretend to be making a “new” statement in automotive design?
    I would love to know what really occurs in these Chinese auto design houses.

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