Dodge Challenger video!

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Driving around!

At least the concept.
But still, it is pretty nice to see it moving around on the road.

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  1. Well the music is fitting for this piece of eye candy. It sounds fun but has not depth. The video editors were smart to put the interior shot at the end of the video. If it opened with a shot of the interior I would have shut the video of and went looking for something with a little more substance. Buy one of these while you can!! By 2012 we all will be on bicycles or have cars with sewing machine parts in place of the engines.

  2. they might have to build it with a diesel option! But while it lasts, lets have some fun. Kind of neat to relive the pony car era again. Mustang, Camaro, Challenger. I picked the Z-28 Camaro. I am wondering if another will fit in the garage right now.

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