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Is it growing on you yet???

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  1. Not a thing of great beauty, but not horrible, either.
    Subarus are good cars and they’ve been known more for AWD and fast pocket-rockets rather than good-lookers.

    The hatchback 5 door is a useful vehicle. I must admit that I’m tiring of the reverse kick “C” and “D” pillars that cut rear visibility and make too many cars look alike these days.

    BMW’s Hoffmeister kink design is fine, but enough is enough already.

  2. It’s merely adequate. It might have been revolutionary ten years ago.

    And could there be anymore front overhang?

    Design-wise, it’s still an improvement over the current yawner.

  3. The sides and interior are “BMW-inspired.” That isn’t such a bad thing, except everyone’s doing it these days. The profile looks a lot like a Saab, and the funny thing is, Subaru’s logo does as well. The back looks fine. Overall, the whole thing from the A-pillar backward is okay. Then when you look at the 90s Nissan Sentra/last generation Camry front end, you start to think you’re looking at a Daewoo or a Kia, not a Saab or BMW.

  4. I don’t know, I’m kind of liking this design a little bit now. I always thought the last gen was too “ricey” looking. This design seems much more “grown up”, inside and out, albeit a little on the bland side. The taillights are very Mitsu Outlander/Lexus RX350 (what’s with all these clear taillamps anyway?? They’re nasty).

  5. I don’t mind the design in hatchback form, from the windshield back at least. The front clip however is vaguely Hyundai and Mazda Protege and unappealing. The large overhang only makes it look worse.

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