Farewell to the Crossfire

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The Chrysler Crossfire will stop being produced next summer.

I always liked that car.
I think it looks great. Different and original.
But I guess it was too expensive for a Chrysler. And the market for cramped 2 seaters that aren’t really sports cars is pretty small anyway.

A friend of mine has one and I got to drive it.
The ride is pretty firm. And the interior is just way too chlostrophobic for my taste.
The combination of a super low roof and narrow windows make you feel like you’re in a cave.
Next to it the Chrysler 300 feel like an open convertible.

Still, a good car, for the wrong company…

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  1. Yeah, this car didn’t really have a sales market going for it but it was sure an impressive design, maybe too impressive. I loved the few times I saw it on the street, i feel that it got more looks than some of the exotics.

  2. I’m kinda sad to see this one go… A few months ago, my roommate got one for a couple of days as a rental upgrade on a business trip; before she returned it, she let me have a few runs down the block… It’s REALLY small inside, but you mash the gas and it’ll take off like a rocket; even with an automatic. If I had more money than sense, I’d consider having one as a weekend car – not very practical for a commuter, but a lot of fun.

  3. i was considering purchasing one within the past couple of months. it is sad chrysler couldnt find a a way to lower the price but considering it was technically a mercedes and built by karmann, it would be awfully hard too. i love the look of the car except for the dated interior. the resale price sucks which is bad for those who bought it new but good for me who wants to buy one used!

  4. Sad to see such a great car go. Too bad the price was too high, if they priced this great looking car in the mid twenty’s it would have done a great battle with the Miata’s, Solstice, S2000 and the Sky.

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