From the rear.

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I must say, there is something very..dorky, about this concept.
The rear looks weird, almost like a Pacer.

I actually like the Pacer, but not this…

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  1. ugh.i’m disappointed with this concept/future Q5. I really likethe Q7’s styling but this takes it too far in my opinion. the rake of the rear of the greenhouse is too radical – it doesn’t look right.

  2. The rear of the greenhouse needs to look more wagon-like. Other CUVs have tried (unsuccessfully) to pull this look off, like the Lexus RX and the Infiniti FX and EX, and it looks stupid, like some jacked-up econobox.

  3. Blacklaser Padwin. It is a range rover sport imitation, at least in the back. not original design to me.

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