Geely Concept

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A couple more pictures of that strange Geely concept I posted a few days ago.
Still weird…

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  1. This thing looks almost as hideous as the upcoming Dodge Challenger. The bi-line for the promotional for both of these cars should go something like: “Challenging design mediocrity… and losing!”
    I will give the Chinese designer credit for at least trying to bring something original to market.

  2. Vince, Who said that the all new ‘Retro’ Toyota Celica was a dead project? By the looks of these pictures I would guess that someone has taken an interest in the project!

  3. Wow, this thing has pieces stolen from all over the place. Usually they tend to copy a car, maybe two. This one has an Alfa/Nissan GTR front-end, Mustang greenhouse, something vaguely saturn sky-esque about the taillights, and the whole thing does indeed have a dodge challenger/ford mustang stance.

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