Giant Mini ????

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Let’s compare this Flex picture with one of the Mini clubman wagon when it comes out…

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  1. Giant Mini….That’s pretty funny. It’s a little boxy for my liking but it does look pretty good. I’m looking forward to seeing pics of the interior. I read that the instruments are supposed to have some kind of blue backlighting which sounds nice. Sounds like Ford MAY be getting rid of those bland instruments with the 20 year old bland green backlighting with the orange pointers. We’ll see.

  2. I just posted pictures of the interior…

    And you can chose from 7 colors for the backlighting .

  3. Vince,

    4:34 here. Yeah after I posted my comment and scrolled down to see what else was new I saw the other pics. It looks pretty good. I think it’s cool that you can change the colors of the backlighting. I hope they will have that feature on their other vehicles, specifically the Mercury Milan which is a possible vehicle I plan on purchasing in the future.

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