Great Wall i7

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This one is your average Chinese copy of a Japanese car (Toyota Yaris), with a freakish front end added to it.

Looks like “Great Wall” isn’t ready for prime time yet…

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  1. I have to say I like! It looks more like a car than a “cute bug-eyed chick mobile”. Kudos to the Great Wall of China.

  2. I agree with JW. It looks good.
    It is not dull looking, that’s for sure!
    Now, the topper would be if they put the instrucment panel In Front of the driver, vs center of the dash, like the Yaris does(that’s annoying), then you would really have a winner!

    Vince, U r Still #1…despite our differences of opinon.

  3. Dong Feng was bought by Nissan. it was a race between toyota and Nissan to buy them up. in the end, Nissan was chosen as the BIG winner because they had a record of FEWER recalls than toyota. this particular dud that we are looking at, is toyota hooking up with a much weaker chinese company in retaliation to their huge loss to Nissan and Dongfeng. This is not a copy but rather a licenced version of the unpopular yaris. Known more and more as days pass as the YARS!

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