How about some more Impreza pictures…

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These were taken late in the day.
When things, and some people, usually look better.

You tell me….

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  1. I saw the Impreza at the autoshow today and gotta say it sucked – we were thinking of waiting on our purchase until it released but it looked like a legacy/corolla hybrid that I wouldn’t spend my money on…

  2. Every time I look at the new WRX I keep thinking that I want the new EVO. Subie screwed the pooch on this one.

  3. How about some more Impreza pictures…

    No. I have enough to help me sleep for weeks. But thanks all the same.


  4. They really should bring a coupe instead of the sedan. The sedan looked not that great and the Japanese won’t even get this version. I wonder why?
    The inside is nice but the grill work again needs some serious work.
    But you still are getting AWD and a Japanese made car for a fair price.

  5. I think they tried to cure all of the Tribeca foibles to the extent that other cars fell to the way side…like this little baby car that would look like a weakling even from Hyundai or Kia.

    Total let down, and I have a feeling it’ll be another Subie 2 year run while they work their butts off to do the reverse of the Tribeca and liven up the design a lot. Interior and mechanicals are likely fine, but boy…

  6. Oh wait! Now I know what it reminds me off–a cheap Suzuki badge jobbed car, that was then re-badged again as a Subie.

    Still, yikes. Maybe those new Tribeca profits will soften the blow from this pathetic little bubble.

  7. What a homely looking thing. How unfortunate for Subaru; they seem to be losing their way stylistically.

  8. poor subaru, hey I heard toyota bought them out. that means, what you thought impossible, is about to happen. The will get even uglier!

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