Hyundai Genesis concept

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Official presentation today.
Judging by the darken windows on the concept, I guess we won’t be seeing the interior anytime soon…

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  1. It looks an awful lot like a 5-series with Camry front end. How original! Although, I do like the idea of cheaper 5-series!

  2. A Lexus clone? Which part of the car looks like a Lexus? I don’t see any resemblance. It does somehow have a feel of a Lexus though (Which is a good thing!)

    As to looking like a 5-series; the side window profile and the B-pillar does have a hint of the 5-series (But I suppose thats a good thing too! Also check out a Holden Commodore, Lexus GS(?) just couple cars with similar window profiles – so why single out Hyundai?)

    If this car has great driving dynamics (adaptive dampers etc), I would seriously consider as my next daily car!

  3. the side profile is exceptional and the rear is average but the front looks like a poor attempt of a face about to sneeze! i dont like the tail where the exhaust should be. just a few tweaks to make it look a bit better, and this puppy should sell well. i just pray hyundai doesnt over do it. the price should be 30-35k. tops! anything over 35 would make me consider a different car (maybe tl, 3, cts, etc.) even if it is a car from a different class (midsize v. fullsize). i personally dont like the idea of paying so much for a hyundai.

  4. It is the pinnacle of Korean design, a perfect combination of the Camry face, Maxima body, and last half-gen Accord rear.

  5. I, for one, am quite impressed with Hyundai’s attempt in the luxury car field. Design is excellent and I do not believe that this is in any form a clone. In fact, I see just about as much BMW 5-Series in a Holden Commodore. Designs influence on each other and thats how designs evolve as time goes by. Singling out Hyundai for the teeniest similarities is just nitpicking. The last-gen Honda Accord claim seems to be a first. The Genesis gets its rear styling from its Elantra sibling and everyone can notice the family resemblance there. Hyundai has a winner in their hands and if priced right, its specs (est.340hp V8), features (navigation and HD radio) and its stunning design has a chance to take a bite out of the market.

  6. Go Hyundai!!! This is a beautiful first attempt for Hyundai in the V8 luxury market. It’s great that Hyundai pushes themselves to make a better car at a good price. That is exactly what made Honda and Toyota what they are today. Competion like this is fantastic for the market place!! 🙂

    It is a shame that they actually beat Honda to the V8/RWD platform though…

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