Hyundai Veracruz video

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I know, it’s not really new.
But I haven’t seen one yet.

It does seem pretty close to the Lexus RX. For cheaper.
If you buy it.
But I am not sure their lease is actually cheaper than the RX.
Which you can get for under $400 a month.

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  1. I have seen one of these in person, and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what it is so I had to do a drive by and break=neck a little. It does look good, but only from a distance. There just seem to be a certain cheapness to its aura, but not bad for its price.

  2. this a is a jok e right
    korena cars making copies of japanese crap
    what kinf of worl do we live in????
    this is wha ti am talkig about
    where is anmerica ???

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