Jetta wagon for the US

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Maybe it’s just these horrible “official” shots from VW, but it looks even worse than when they showed it last month in Europe.
And cheaper too.
How plain can this get???
Shouldn’t VWs be fun?

The standard 2.5 Liter engine is now rated at 170hp. The 2.0 Liter is an option and a diesel too.
Too bad the interior hasn’t changed. Good materials, but it still looks horrible to me.

A sad and depressing looking squared off cave where I just don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes of my life…

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  1. Vince, Check out the huge gap at the back of the rear door! They can’t even get one right for a photo shoot, just imagine what the rest of the fleet from Mexico will be like! No wonder VW is going downhill without any brakes!

  2. This photo shoot broke the cardinal rule of car photography:

    Never ever shoot the side of the car where the tires are pointing, it makes any car look knock-kneed!

  3. the wagon makes an uninspired and derivative design even worse! that rear is really bad. the last jetta wagon looked so clean, simple yet modern. this design is so lacking in charisma and elegance. how are sales of this model compared with the previous (classic) generation?

  4. Lay off the martini vince. Its not bad as you put it. Jeez, you are becoming hard to please.. except when the vehicle in question is a domestic (wink)

  5. I agree the Jetta Wagon, and the sedan, are ugly looking like a Corrala with a dealer installed chrome pack. Regardless I am still planning on buying a Jetta Wagon the DAY the diesel ones are available. I love the way the 2005 diesel Jetta sedan drives, love diesels in general and so need a wagon.

  6. This car could have been so much better looking than it is. I can’t believe it comes from the same company that makes nice looking wagons like the new Passat, Audi A4 & A6.

  7. Given VW’s lousy service record, currently bland styling, and allegedly poor dealer service, why does anybody bother with this brand?

    Seems to me that the only people who’d want a VW are aging hippies who identify with the Bug and Microbus turds of the 1960s. A VW is probably a connection to their youth.

    There’s nothing compelling about ANY VW IMO.

  8. This is one very ugly car. And I generally like wagons. But I wouldn’t be caught dead driving this one. At least a Corolla can claim the vanilla styling as its own. The only thing worse is copying the Corolla. UGLY!

  9. these shoots are really bad!
    and the back of the car is very ugly… why didnt they take headlights with the design of the normal hatchback golf?
    but who cares , here in germany , vw will sell it good , everyone is waiting here for a golf wagon diesel.
    and theres no problem that it will be taken from mexico , look at the fox , its also a very succesfull ,but ugly,boring car here in germany

  10. VW has officially made a car that out Koreans the Korean manufactureres with respect to styling. At the same time they have brought to market a true successor for the most basic of station wagons… the Ford Escort. Please understand neither one of the above statements should be taken as praise.

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