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There won’t be any videos of my Passat test drive.
(I’ve done it in the past, and I think it is pretty cool and adds to just posting pictures)
And this is the reason why:
My camcorder is, once again, the victim of Canon’s poor built quality. (this time a known faulty sensor problem)
They will fix it for free, but still, it is a pain.

I hate being that personal, but if any of you has any suggestion about what I should get instead, that would be… Nice.
( I do have a few ideas, but money is an issue, as usual)

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  1. Vince, Just like in the automotive industry, you no longer know how well a product is manufactured just by the name brand alone. This is due to major companies assembling their products in third world countries to save on labor costs. Sony, for instance, builds most of their products in China, Mexico and Malaysia. Years ago, all Sony products were built in Japan and they were the best money could buy! My advice to you is to seek out a model that is built in Japan, regardless of who manufactures it. The Japanese still make some of the best electronics in the world today.

  2. Try CamcorderInfo.com

    I would say a HD camcorder by JVC is probably the best bet.. or a Panasonic 3CCD.

  3. I know that site, they are great.
    If I do get something new, it would be Hi Def (I just got a HD set).
    But I am stuck with DV tapes. HDD and SD are not yet supported as far as editing is concerned. (Especially on Mac)
    I don’t think JVC has a DV HD camcorder.
    I know Panasonic doesn’t.

    And of course, camcorderinfo.com’s favorite HD cam is the new Canon HV20. Another Canon…


  4. I love it, alot better looking than the current yaris, way to go toyota, you finally made a better looking car!

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