Lexus LS 600H Hybrid priced.

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It will “start at $ 104,750”
I am not sure what they mean by “start”.
Can’t see the option list being very long for that price.

It has everything. I mean everything a car can offer in 2007, including LED headlights.

But the LS 460 long wheel base with Luxury package costs $73, 780.
That is over $30 000 less than the Hybrid version!

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  1. Well, look at the price difference in the BMW 750i and the 760Li! Quite a big difference. Not much different from this car. And look at the Mercedes S550 and the S600! HUGE difference. I think Lexus is probably right on with this price. But yes, I do sound crazy saying that 100,000+ for a car “sounds right”. God help us.

  2. $30,000 sounds about right to alleviate the guilt rich liberals feel about their conspicuous consumption. THAT is the psychology at work here…I mean if rich people truly wanted to consume less, they’d buy a Prius right?

  3. Hard to believe a Toyota marque around since 1990 or so selling cars over 100k. However, still makes more sense than a 100k Cadillac.

  4. thats way to much for a toyota, there is no way the hybrid technology in the 20,000 prius applied to the ls makes it a 6 figure car. and a 100,000 cadillac makes more sense than this, because cadillac has a storied history to back its expensive price tag, its not vw, or hyundai. cadillac once made cars that were priced up there with bentleys of there timee. but this is crazy, anyone looking at v12 sedans is not looking to save money on gas, or for that matter drive them enough to worry about the gas mileage, the v12 is bought because of the prestige, now a days the v8 models have about as much power, if not more or the same, so its not for power… i dont care no one saids an electric motor doesnt cost an extra 30,000 thats more than a prius hybrid..anything to make a 6 figure lexus excluding making one worthy of that price tag

  5. Vince, Does the general population know of the hundreds of documented ‘minor’ accidents involving hybrid vehicles around the nation that have resulted in deaths due do electricution from the several batteries in them? If these vehicles were not hybrids the occupants would have survived the crashes.

  6. The average price paid for an LS 460 L was $82,000 for 2006-current. With full options (body temp sensors, 4-zone climate control, cool box, automatic parking, etc.) it reaches $93,000.

    So the $104,750 price for the LS 600h L is an increase from the high 80K to low 90K range the LS 460 L gets.

    What’s extra on the LS 600h L:

    A) Rear-seat DVD entertainment system

    B) Exec Class Seating Package (massaging reclining chair, center console with tray table, etc.)

    On the LS 460 L the Exec pkg costs around $10K, IIRC.

  7. That’s a lot of scrach! What could the potential market be for a car like this? Liberal movie stars who can say they drive a hybrid? I’m sure it’s about the most advanced car you can drive in 2007, but 100 large? Even if I had the money, and wanted to help save fuel, I’d get an E-class bluetech, burn biodiesel in it, and give the left over $60K to charity. Geez.

  8. When you spend 100 grand you expect originality like infiniti or bmw, not a copy of first a mercedes and now a bmw. When are people going to wise up, toyota/lexus have recalled more cars than anyone else!

  9. I guess this will be the “hot” car for liberal hollywood elitists to drive on Oscar night. What a bunch of suckers.

  10. I’ll just wait for the Hyundai version to come out in a couple of years for about $40k. I’m sure this is a very nice car though.

  11. It will “start at $ 104,750”

    It’ll be a cold day in hell before I’d pay $100,000+ for a Toyota.

    But that’s easy for me to say since I can’t afford a $100,000 car.

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