Mercedes M.Class Diesel Hybrid coming up???

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  • From what they say, Mercedes is thinking of putting a new Bluetech diesel engine, with an electric motor in the M-Class.
    That coud get a much higher MPG than the Lexus RX hybrid.
    Diesel and Electric together, that has to beat the pretty bad numbers the RX400h is getting in real life driving.
    I hear most owners average just 23mpg.
    I am actually driving an RX 350 right now, and averaging 17 to 19mpg. (Review coming later, if you have any questions…)

    This is hardly worth the $3500 extra they are charging for it…

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    1. Hybrids are sucker traps…The suckers are starting to figure this out. What is the premium for a bluetec/electric? $7K? for an extra 4 MPG…HeHeHe.

    2. Another Diesel that won’t be sold in California.

      I know most hate hybrids for some crazy reasons. But you guys have to let go of the crazy. Diesels will never get close to Hybrid fuel numbers and will most likely surpass diesels in performance and cost savings as more are developed.

      Current Diesel prices in California is $3.79 per gallon.

      But Thanks Mercedes for helping to make Pollution a little lighter!!! HeHeHe

    3. What pollution are you talking about? Or did Dan Rather tell you to think that. Electric motor ozone (O3) is much worse than anything coming out a car’s tailpipe. Just ask Dan!

    4. Not for that much more money.
      Most people won’t be able to tell the car is slightly faster. The regular 350 has already more power than most of us will ever use.

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