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A new engine fot the next Sienna?
Seems like Toyota has a new V6 every couple of years….

Or something else?

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  1. …with gas over $3 and claiming,
    let’s hope they testing a hybrid version or maybe diesel…

  2. it is the hybrid version. they promise it won’t be recalled like every other toyota and they say it won’t lose 100% of power at highway speeds like the prius has been known to do. The recall kings should avoid new technology, they already have recalled more cars last year than they built. Add to the mix, their subaru takeover and focus on “not ready for the mass market yet” hybrids. This will be the begining of fat cat toyotas demise!!!!

  3. Is this the same set-up like highlander’s 3.3-V6?
    they will do something new, perhaps with 3.5-V6
    How about the batteries?

  4. A new Sienna is due right after the Highlander, and since they are built off the Camry platform they will likely use the V6 hybrid system from the current Highlander.. so why don’t they offer the V6 hybrid in the Camry??

  5. ^because, the Camry is built to be fuel efficent, and the Highlander is built to be powerful, and fuel efficent. If they offered a V6 Hybrid version of the Camry, then it’ll do just what the Accord Hybrid did. Which is not sell.

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