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I was wrong, the body is mainly the same.
Nothing has melted, yet…

Even the interior hasn’t changed. That means the cheap plasticky bits are still in there.
So the Outback still has a much nicer interior…

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  1. KOOL BEANZ! Who said the Chrysler Pacifica was slated to end production in 2007? Looks like they just jumped over to a different dealership!

  2. Let’s hope that now that Honda of America just announced that they will start manufacturing the 2008 CR-V down in Mexico, that they will also change the front end on the CR-V! It will not cost much to change it when they start to manufacture all the parts below the border! It surely will look a great deal better, but will the quality be the same???

  3. Basically a Hyundai Santa Fe body with a Pacifica front end. And a Mazda interior (which isn’t such a bad thing).

  4. It appears to me that the rear pillar and shape of the rear side window are different, so there is more than just a new nose. Am I seeing this correctly?

  5. The front cockpit looks extremely tight for both the driver and passenger! Talk about the wraparound effect, Subaru has just cornered the market!

  6. Vince, the post at 2:40 states that the Honda CR-V will be manufactured in Mexico starting in 2008. This can’t be true, is it?

  7. Never heard that before.
    And it doesn’t make any sense to me.

    The 2:40 poster must have been drunk.

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