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I know, I know.. Not the most exciting car in the world.
But hey, at least nobody else has these pictures. (most of them)

And what am I gonna talk about anyway….

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  1. Might as well not even have a trunk lid on that car. All trunk lids on cars are beginning to get smaller and smaller, soon people will have to fold down their seats to get groceries out.

  2. Interior(seats, doors, even the tail lights, Still) look like our 05 tC!
    Slap a hatch on the back, different front end, different inteior materials( “metallic parts” vs the reddish fake wood, etc), and ya have the next tC, perhaps?
    I see the just brought out the rear wheel/fenders some(“flared” them out), where ours is “flat”, in comparison.

    Not a whole ton of difference, unless they do something with the engine to make it faster, or better fuel by 1-2 MPG.

    Maybe a 5 speed automatic?

    Anyhow, local dealership siad the xB in May, and the xD in August of this year, and next year, the new tC, or it’s replacement( rumors of an xR, 4 door sporty car, I was told, may replace 3 door hatch… I hope not!… if they want a sporty 4 door, make it a 4th Scion model!).

  3. Why should someone pay $35k for an Avalon and get a $16k Corolla steering wheel?

    GM does the same thing with corporate steering wheels. They slap ’em on all their cars.

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