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I’m a sucker for a big sunroof.

Otherwise, yikes!!!!

Check out the K car era interior!

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  1. I believe these days that Chrysler has the worst interiors in the business. Those dashboards are awful. Nothing but plastic.

  2. I must be the only one that LOVES the interior! It’s not all fancy…I don’t need that “i-drive” BMW has or real wood or real stainless steel trim. I just want something that will function. It doesn’t need to be 5 different colors either. I bet this is a lot easier to clean too. After all it is a JEEP, which means mud!

  3. Vince, Are those genuine Corinthian vinyl seats I spy in these pictures? Maybe Chrysler can get Ricardo Montilban to once again be the spokesman for their fine products, just like the Cordoba!

  4. How much extra does it cost to put a good interior into a car? A hundred dollars a unit? At this point, even Ford & GM are getting the memo on this; 90% of the car driving experience is from behind the drivers seat, and the last thing I want to look at is a bunch of cheap crap. It kind of makes me mad; I really would like to get a Charger or 300C, but not with those interiors.

  5. i feel sorry when i hear about the troubles that the North American car industry is going through. BUT, when i see this shitty interior, that you can even tell from promo pictures. it is as cheap as they come, they deserve everything they get. RIP chrysler junk!

  6. WTF Ricardo, I thought that they gave up on treating people like they were stupid a long time ago!

  7. Hey, Chrysler Pacifica has a nice interior. Did Chrysler fire the folks who worked on that project?!?!

  8. The interior in not bad. It’s kind of hard to tell in the photos. The second to last pics looks like some kind of cloth and the bottom pic looks like vinyl and cloth or suede type material. I think Jeep needs to step back from the hard & tough look of it’s interiors.

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